Adhesive Tape - Roller Pressing Machine

Adhesion Tester are designed to measure the bond strength of a coating to a substrate.

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Available Products

Adhesive Tape - Roller Pressing Machine

Adhesive Tape Ink Transfer Testing instruments are used to test adhesive properties of gravure printing ink used for decorative printing on adhesive tapes, plastic films, cellophane, etc.

Tape Adhesion Motor Roller

The Tape Adhesion Motor Roller is designed to tightly adhere the adhesive tape on the testing board in uniformity to provide the specimens for Retentivity test.

Tape Retentivity Tester - QT-7090

The Temperature Tape Retentivity Tester - QT-7090-H Series is used for testing the adhering force of adhesive tapes under a specified loads which can be set to understanding the tape’s adhesive retentiveness.