Concrete Compression Tester – Automatic Pilot 4
Concrete Compression Tester – Automatic Pilot 4

Concrete Compression Tester –
Automatic Pilot 4

Download Concrete Compression Tester – Automatic Pilot 4 PDF Download Concrete Compression Tester – Automatic Pilot 4 PDF

The New generation Automatic concrete compression Tester -Pilot 4, is an efficient solution to increase the Productivity while saving consumption in concrete strength measurement. This new Automatic concrete compression tester adopts new technologies and solutions gained from our long experience in this field

The NEW generation series of compression machines featuring Energy Saving technology (''ES technology'') has been developed to satisfy Standard requirements and high quality of testing. The test cycle with closed loop digital feedback is automatically performed by simply pressing the start button. The load-time graph and the actual load rate are displayed in real time during the test. Correct test execution according the selected Standard, is continuously and automatically controlled.

The Pilot 4 concrete compression tester assures that the load rate is constant within the specified range according to the international standard and operates without any shocks. Pilot 4 is incorporated with Dual stage pump for High productivity and the variable speed drive is responsible for saving energy (saves more than 30% compared to traditional systems).


Dual stage pump driven by DC motor, centrifugal low pressure high delivery stage for fast ram approach (40 mm/min) and radial multipiston high pressure loading stage, automatically  controlled by the system.


“ES technology” features accurate oil flow control, conforming to Standards, resulting in no oil dispersion, silent operation, cold oil temperature and low energy consumption (save over 30% compared to traditional systems)


Once the machine has been switched on, the specimen positioned and centered, the only required operations are:

  • Set test parameters, including load rate, on the touch screen (can be avoided by default for repetitive tests)
  • Press the start button on the touch screen
  • Move the oil delivery valve upwards
  • The machine automatically: starts the rapid approach; switches to the test speed once the specimen comes into contact with the upper platen; releases the pressure upon specimen failure
  • Save the test including data results and load-time graph. The test execution conforming to Standards can be easily proved

Four column high stiffness welded frame tested for stability conforming to EN 12390-4; spherical seat in oil bath; platens diameter 300 mm, surface hardness 600 HV30 (55 HRC), flatness tolerance 0.03 mm, roughness value in the range between 0.4 μm and 3.2μm. Traceable certificate of surface hardness available on request. Horizontal daylight 350 mm for 50-C4644 and 370 mm for 50-C5644. Maximum vertical daylight 350 mm reduced with the suitable distance pieces; piston travel 50 mm.

The Compression Tester is equipped with a touch panel display with 1 GB memory for data storage, including test results and load –time graph. The controller in the Pilot 4 has a wide range of features like: Language selection; Load Unit selection; Real time clock with date; simultaneous display of load, specific load, actual load rate and load time graph. USB and RS232 port for Printers etc.

  • Automatic test execution
  • Silent operations
  • High stability frame and spherical seat in oil bath
  • Conforming to EN 12390-4 Class 1 and ASTM E74 Class A accuracy
  • Simplified control by touch screen display
  • 1 GB Memory card for data storage. USB and RS 232 ports for printer/PC connection
  • For testing cubes up to 200 mm and cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm
  • Second frame option
  • Wide range of accessories suitable for compression tests on blocks, cement, splitting tests on cubes or cylinders

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