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Byko-Drive Automatic Film Applicator
Large Automatic Film Applicator
Small Automatic Film Applicator – ASTM D 823

Byko-Drive Automatic Film Applicator

The Byko-drive Automatic Applicator is an economical film applicator that improves the consistency of drawdowns. When more than one operator is drawing down the same coating or ink, the dry film appearance will vary because of different drawdown techniques. Drawdown speed and pressure on the applicator tool will impact the result. Film thickness, gloss, opacity, and color can vary with differing drawdown techniques. The byko-drive is available with a vacuum plate or glass plate with clamp. Applicator bars, U-shaped bars, applicator frames, film casting knifes, and wire-wound rods are acceptable applicators. The byko-drive has a compact design consisting of a light-weight aluminum chassis and impact resistant thermo-plastic cover.

  • User selectable start and stop positions to accommodate different chart sizes
  • Power assist carriage return for ease of operation
  • Drip pan for faster cleanup
  • Weight and bar fixture for consistent pressure on applicator devices
  • Small footprint to save on counter space
  • Easy to operate user controls

The byko-drive has two user selectable speeds:

  • 10 mm/sec – complies with ISO method 11998
  • 1 in/sec – same speed setting as the Mechanical Drive
Technical Specification for Byko-Drive Automatic Film Applicator
Voltage 100-240V/50-60 Hz 
Traverse Speed 1 in/s (10 mm/s) 
Traverse Speed Accuracy ± 5%
Wire Bar Diameter 0.25 - 0.75 in (6 - 19 mm) 
Wire Bar Test Length Maximum16.0 in (406 mm ) 
Stroke Length  1 – 9.25 in  (25 – 235 mm) 
Test Panel Size Maximum9 x 12 in (229 x 305 mm) 
Dimensions 14.38 x 9 x 5 in (365 x 229 x 127 mm) 
Weight 13 lbs (6 kg) 


Large Automatic Film Applicator

Drawdowns made by hand can show irregularities caused by variations in speed and pressure on the applicator tool. The quality of the drawdown will be dependent on the shear rate and the weight on the applicator. Measurements of film properties such as abrasion resistance, hiding power and gloss are greatly affected by the application quality.

The Automatic Film Applicator guarantees a linear and even movement of the film applicator – repeatable and high quality results are guaranteed:

  • Precise application speed settable in 10 mm/s increments from 50 to 500 mm/s
  • Wide range of operating speeds allowing optimum settings of shear rate
  • Real time display of application speed
  • Memory function to store commonly used speeds
  • Constant downward force applied to coated surface
  • A wide variety of film applicators can be accommodated
  • Applicators may be used side by side for comparison tests
  • Wire bar coater attachment included
  • Solvent resistant touch key panel that is easily cleaned
  • Built-in vacuum plate with vacuum pump
  • Two stroke lengths
Technical Specification for Large Automatic Film Applicator
Traverse Speed2 - 20 in/s (50 - 500 mm/s)
Traverse Speed Accuracy0.4 in/s (10 mm/s)
Display Resolution0.4 in/s (10 mm/s)
Wire Bar Diameter0.4 - 0.5 in (10 - 13 mm)
Wire Bar Test Length12.4 in max. (320 mm max.)
Wire Bar Minimum Length16.0 in (407 mm)
Stroke Length

6.7 in (170 mm);  13.4 in (340 mm)

Test Panel Size16.5 x 11.8 in (420 x 300 mm)
Preset Speed Memories2
Power Supply230/115 V, 50/60 Hz selectable
Power Consumption130 Watts
Dimensions24.9 x 8.7 x 19.7 in (632 x 220 x 500 mm)
Weight99.2 lbs (45 kg)

Comes complete with:
Automatic Film Applicator
Vacuum plate
Built-in vacuum pump
Clamp for sample holding

Note: Applicator and test charts must be ordered separately.


Small Automatic Film Applicator – ASTM D 823

Smaller footprint version of the PA-2101 Automatic Film Applicator.   The Small Film Applicator has a clipboard only to hold the drawdown chart.  The clipboard size will accommodate a 7.5 x 10.25 inch chart.  Only one stroke length is available.

Technical Specification for Small Automatic Film Applicator
Display Resolution0.4 in/s (10 mm/s)
Traverse Speed2 - 20 in/s (50 - 500 mm/s)
Traverse Speed Accuracy0.4 in/s (10 mm/s)
Wire Bar Diameter0.4 - 0.5 in (10 - 13 mm)
Wire Bar Test Length7 in max. (200 mm max.)
Wire Bar Minimum Length12.0 in (305 mm)
Stroke Length9.4 in (240 mm)
Test Panel Size9.8 x 7.7 in (250 x 195mm)
Preset Speed Memories4
Power Supply230/115 V, 50/60 Hz selectable
Power Consumption< 100 Watts
Dimensions12.2 x 7.8 x 22.2 in (310 x 200 x 565 mm)
Weight36 lbs (16.4 kg)


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