Qualitest provides several products to determine CBR and IBI in this category.

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Available Products

Universal Compression Frame – UNITESTER

UNITESTER is suitable for a wide range of test such as CBR , Marshall, Quick Triaxial, Unconfined, Splitting Tensile tests.

Bench Machines for CBR

Bench Machines for CBR, Marshall, Multipurpose Compression & Flexure Testing.

Multispeed Digital Automatic Universal Tester

Multispeed Digital Automatic Universal Tester is suitable for CBR, Marshall, Indirect Tensile, Unconfined Compression and many other displacement controlled tests.

Accessories for CBR Loading Presses

Qualitest offer high quality accessories for CBR Loading Presses.

Impact Soil Tester

Impact Soil Tester is used to obtain an indication of the degree of compaction of soil in road construction.