HTD-4000 Heavy Duty Case Depth Hardness Tester
HTD-4000 Heavy Duty Case Depth Hardness Tester
HTD-4000 Heavy Duty Case Depth Hardness Tester
HTD-4000 Heavy Duty Case Depth Hardness Tester
HTD-4000 Heavy Duty Case Depth Hardness Tester

HTD-4000 Heavy Duty Case Depth Hardness Tester

HTD 4000 is used to measure case depth and is capable of verifying case depths ranging from 0.4mm (16 thou) up to a maximum of 2.5 / 2.8mm (100110 thou). Our system utilizes a new and very advanced principle based on the continuous measurement of the electrical resistance in relation to the working load applied. Our design meets the demands of the heat treatment industry. HTD 4000 is equipped with a big stand to enable the testing of large work pieces having overall dimensions up to 550mm (22") in height and 350mm (13.8") depth

The HTD 4000 is also designed for hard to reach areas and testing under extreme conditions, yet requires very low maintenance. The diamond penetrator lasts up to 1500-2000 tests before recoating, depending on the hardness of the test piece and maximum working load being used.

Technical Characteristics

  1. Direct reading of the Heat Treatment Depth.
  2. Depth measurable from 0.4mm (16 thou) up to 2.5 / 2.8mm (100-110 thou) . The instrument will immediately reveal up to which depth a certain desired hardness value is achievable on the material tested.
  3. Working Load adjustable from 250 to 4000 Kgf , with continuous load value and resistance values acquiring, in order to obtain a precise heat treatment curve
  4. Electronics including an industrial PC with a Windows XP operating system Available ports USB, serial, Centronics, Ethernet, PS/2 Protection grade IP 65. Possibility to set max and min values which is useful when testing large lots of material.
  5. The tungsten carbide indenter performs 1500 – 2000 tests and is easily replaced.
  6. Stand structure suitable to carry out tests also on pieces of big dimensions as follows:
    • - Max measurable height up to 550mm (22”)
    • - Max measurable depth up to 350mm (13.8”)
  • Test Load: From 2500N to 40000N (250-4000kgf)
  • Measuring principle: EsaTest pat. Method
  • Working Principle: Evaluation of progressive load vs. penetration depth
  • Measuring Range: 0.4 – 2.5mm (16-100thou)
    • (Up to 2.8mm (110thou) when core hardness is below 300HV (30HRC))
  • Display: 8.4” LCD touch screen
  • Max measurement tolerance: ± 5%
  • Measuring Time: 30-240 seconds depending on load selection
  • Max Applicable Load: Is selected depending on case depth using the keyboard (up to 40000N)
  • Indenter: Tungsten Carbide indenter.
  • Calibration: With certified hardness test block
  • Component Capacity: Maximum test specimen height 550mm (22”)
    • Throat Depth of tester 350mm (13.8”)
  • Test Initiation: Through push button or foot switch
  • Electronics: Built in Industrial PC with a Windows XP operating system.
    • Available Ports: USB, serial, Centronics, Ethernet, PS/2
    • Protection Grade IP65
    • LCD Touch Screen Display 8.4”
    • User Friendly Software, menu driven, with help-on-line
    • Power Supply 115-230 V. 50/60Hz

Case Depth Analyzers QT-HTD1500


QT-HTD1500 is a case depth analysis testers that checks case depth (and core hardness) up to 1.3mm (0.050inch) without sample sectioning therefore not being destructive for the test piece. QT-HTD1500 operates by a continuous depth of indentation measurement process while the force is steadily increased. The electronics calculate the hardness based on the displacement, depth, and force applied. The unique test surface referencing capabilities of the testers allows this depth measurement process to be very accurate even with slight deflection under the high forces involved up to 1500kgf.

QT-HTD1500 is designed to meet the needs of the case depth measurements, it has a stand with large capacity and is therefore suitable for testing large pieces. No particular maintenance is required. Designed to work in critical environments.

Technical Specifications



Working Principle

Load-penetration curve evaluation and tested algorithm


981N to 14715N (100kgf – 1500kgf)

Load Application Method

Automatic with predetermined load value according to case depth


Continuous application and real time detection of load and indentation parameters

Minimum Measurable Diameter



± 5%

Standard Scales

Reference HV scale


Direct reading of case depth on touchscreen display 8.4inch - schematic curve with determined case depth value - statistics and curve comparison


High memory capacity according to the industrial PC in use

Selectable Functions

§  Load selection

§  Language

§  Calibration

§  Hardness measure

§  Case depth

§  Hardness curve

§  Schematic curve

§  Reference

§  Tolerances

§  Penetrator type

§  Sequence

§  File

§  Scale

§  Stats

§  Print

§  Histogram


English, German, Italian, French, Spanish

(+ 1 other language on request)

Working Conditions

Temperature 10 - 50°C

Power Supply

110 - 240V, AC 50/60Hz


L 370mm (900mm approx. with PC) x H 1200mm x P850mm

Working Area Dimensions

Stands capacity 335-315 mm (depth-height)


450kg ca.


USB, serial, Centronics, Ethernet, PS/2

Output Interfaces

Industrial PC with touchscreen operates on Windows platform


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