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Climatic Chamber - Cement

EN 196-1

Main Features

  • Advanced controller with cycle programmer for 50 programs and 1000 segments
  • Temperature sensor movable inside the cabinet or inside the sample conforming to standard requirement
  • High accuracy: ±1°C
  • A multipurpose climatic chamber suitable for testing applications in Cement, Concrete, Aggregates, Bricks, Blocks, Asphalt and other construction materials
  • Optional internal data recording facility, data output port and dedicated PC software.


Monobloc stainless steel cabinet. All internal angles have been rounded for easy cleaning. Insulation with high density polyurethane 60 mm thick. The shelves are supported on stainless steel guides capable of holding heavy specimens. The cooling system and controls are located in the top of the cabinet for easy inspection and maintenance.

Thermostatic Unit

The cooling group, CFC free, is oversized for maximum reliability. It is designed to condition the air circulating in the cabinet. The cooling circuit is entirely made of copper and is completed with dewater/receiver filter, spy glass to verify the passage of Freon, high pressure manostat and inlet connectors. The evaporator has the same characteristics of the condenser. The de-humidification is obtained by a smooth tube with cyclic thaw. The heating element consists of a stainless steel finned tube with a limit thermostat.

Control Console

The front panel includes a large digital display with switches and alarm leds. A multifunction control unit displays simultaneously the set points and absolute output values.

Temperature Sensor

The PT100 sensor is movable inside the cabinet area and can also be located inside the test sample conforming to specific standard requirement.

Humidity Sensor

Allows measurements of humidity up to RH 100%

  • Temperature and humidity controlled respectively from -25 to 65°C and from 10 to ≥90% humidity, for aggregates and various other tests as for instance concrete and cement specimen curing (EN 196-1).
  • The Climatic Chamber can be upgraded with internal data recording facility, data output port and dedicated PC software.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity:  520 liters
  • Function controller: cycle programmer for 50 programs and 1000 segments
  • Temperature range/accuracy: -25 to +65°C/±1°C
  • Humidity range: from 10 to ≥90%
  • Power:  Cooling system 1000 W, Heating system 1500 W
  • Internal air circulation: 450 m3/h
  • Shelves dimensions (lxd): 530x580 mm,  included 60 kg loading cap. each
  • Internal dimensions (wxdxh): 600x670x1300 mm
  • External dimensions (wxdxh): 720x800x2020 mm
  • Weight approx.: 180 kg

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