Universal Testing Machine | Universal Tensile Tester

Universal Testing Machine - Universal Tensile Tester - Qualitest offers the most competitive line of Universal Testing Machine range in the industry.

Concrete Compression & Flexure Testing Machines

The Compression & Flexure testing product line from Qualitest offers a wide variety that will fit almost any budget.

Hardened Concrete Testing

Qualitest offers many important products from vibrating/jolting tables, curing cabinets/rooms, grinding/core drilling machines, water impermeability testers and freeze-thaw testing.

Air Entrainment Meter

Qualitest offers a vast range of testing equipment for fresh concrete, including Shrinkage determination testing machines, Air entrainment meters with various capacities, Rheometers for mortar and paste that cover particle size range of smaller than 2mm and up to 8mm, Rheometer for fresh concrete, etc.

1000 kN Concrete Pipe Testing Machine

Concrete Pipe Testing Machines are specially designed for Crushing Tests on Sewer and Drain Pipes, Concrete Pipes, Fittings, Cones.

Concrete Testing

Qualitest offers a wide range of Non-Destructive NDT Testing Instruments for Concrete and other coarse grained materials.

Quali-Rebar Tensile Testing Machines

Quali-Rebar Series of Concrete Rebar Tensile Testing Machines are designed for high-capacity tension, on concrete reinforcement bar (Rebar) for quality control, product development, and research or process development.

Automatic Mortar Mixer - QualiMIX

The Automatic Mortar Mixer - QualiMIX series is used to make cement mortar and cement paste.

Solution Calorimeter for Cement and Concrete - QualiCAL

The Solution Calorimeter for Cement and Concrete - QualiCAL is an instrument used to analyze the setting behaviour of building materials such as cement and mortar.

Concrete Compression Machine Automax 5

The Automax 5 automatic concrete compression testers represent the more sophisticated and advanced evolution of the usual compression testers.

Los Angeles Abrasion Tester

Los Angeles Abrasion Tester is used to determine the resistance of aggregates to abrasion.

SLIPER - Determining the Pumping Capacity of Concrete

The SLIPER provides a vertical standing standard pipe which is filled with fresh concrete. 

Climatic Chamber - Cement

Climatic Chamber has advanced controller with cycle programmer for 50 programs and 1000 segments.