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Oil, Gas & Pipe Testing
Pipescan - MFL Corrosion Detection Pipe Scanner

Pipescan - MFL Corrosion Detection Pipe Scanner

Pipescan is an easy to use, cost effective, portable, magnetic flux leakage inspection system for the detection of random internal corrosion in pipe runs. The latest magnetic material coupled with a unique mechanical design enables coverage of all pipe diameters from 6" to 96" / 50 mm to 2.4 metres with just two adjustable scanning heads. Unlike some other inspection methods, MFL is not affected by product flowing through the pipe runs so surveys can be carried out both on-line and off-line. Use of Pipescan, with its high probability of detection, to locate actual internal corrosion, coupled with A scan ultrasonic monitoring of corrosion growth, provides a cost effective accurate system for the determination of plant integrity.

  • Pipe diameters from 50mm - 2.4m
  • Easy to use, cost effective inspection tool
  • Fixed/Adjustable/Circumferential scan heads
  • Battery operated light weight electronic module
Technical and Performance Specifications
Principle of Operation Magnetic Flux Leakage
Detection 18 off Hall Effect sensors
Scan Width 50mm to 2.4 metre
Method of Propulsion Hand Push/Pull
Speed 0.5 m/sec
Profile Clearance under/between pipework min 120 mm
Connecting Cable 5 metre standard length
Thickness Range Maximum 19mm
Test Through Coatings Yes if none magnetic
Maximum Coating Thickness 6mm
Sensitivity Adjustable
Max Sensitivity 30% pitting in 6 mm wall pipe
40% pitting in 12 mm wall pipe
50% pitting in 19 mm wall pipe
Power Requirements 12v battery operation
Test Time 10 hour continuous working
Transit Case Meets IATA requirements for transporting magnetizable material
Operating Weight 18 Kg - combined weight of scanning head and electronics module