Densimeter - MDS-3000

Measuring capacity up to 3kg

Features of the MDS-3000 - Densimeter:

  • Measuring capacity up to 3kg
  • Wide measuring capacity enables to measure the samples without cutting, and calculates an average density for the whole sample.
  • Sensor & water tank size can be customized depending on the sample size.
  • Easy and convenient "auto-weighing function" as a standard feature.


  • Larger samples that could not fit in previous models, with weight up to 3kg can now be measured.
  • Minimum resolution of 0.01g/cm3 and reference value of 0.001g/cm3 can be displayed.
  • Auto-weighing function improves working efficiency ad repeatability. (Semi-automatic measurement)
  • New function for powder density substituted measurement.
  • Floating objects and pellets can be measured easily.

LIQUID MODE: (Optional kit required)

  • Density resolution 0.01g/cm3 and reference value of 0.001g/cm3.
  • Able to measure compensated liquid density.
  • Selectable measuring time
Specification of Densimeter - MDS-3000 Densimeter
Product Name Densimeter MDS-3000
Resolution 0.01g/cm3 (0.001g/cm3)
Capacity 0.01-3000g (0.001-3000g)
Sample Types Solid, Liquid, Powder
Weight 4.2kg
Dimensions (L)260 X (W)240 X (H)240mm
Accessories Tweezers, Thermometer, Steel Angle, AC Adapter, RS232 Interface


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