Densimeter - SD-200L Densimeter

Densimeter - SD-200L Densimeter

Download SD-200L Densimeter PDF Download SD-200L Densimeter PDF

Top of the line Densimeter with 0.0001 Density, for measuring solid and liquid specific gravity

  • Top precision model with density resolution of 4 decimal places for both Solid and Liquid.
  • Easy operation.
  • Suitable for plastic pellets, films, rubbers , fabric, advanced materials, and liquid density in the field of medical, food, and chemical that require accuracy.
Densimeter - SD-200L - Densimeter


  • Minimum density and volume resolution 0.0001g/cm3.
  • 4 modes for time measurement.
  • Error tolerance can be shown.
  • Able to measure the rate change of density and volume.
  • Floating objects and pellets can be measured easily.

LIQUID MODE: (Optional kit required)

  • One push operation to change Solid to Liquid mode.
  • Minimum density resolution 0.0001g/cm3.
  • Only 20 seconds is needed to complete a test.
  • Only 50cc of liquid sample is needed for testing.

Specification of Densimeter - SD-200L Densimeter
Product Name Densimeter SD-200L
Resolution 0.0001g/cm3
Capacity 0.0001-200g
Sample Types Solid, Liquid
Weight 5.8kg
Dimensions (L)319 X (W)213 X (H)301mm
Accessories Tweezers, Thermometer, 200g Calibration Weight, Steel Angle, AC Adapter

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