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Digital Torque Tester - QT-DTT-10

ASTM D2063, ASTM D3198, ASTM D3474

QT-DTT-10 is specially designed instrument to effectively and efficiently measure the torque retention properties of container or continuous thread closure systems of various packaging containers with varied designs. It is best suitable for packaging development and engineering evaluation of various designs of packaging containers and its quality control.


QT-DTT-10 is used to test screw locking strength, tightness and unscrewing strength of bottle caps, spouts, tubes etc. with high accuracy and precision. QT-DTT-10 can be used for accurate, fast and affordable way to measure low level torques.


  • Portable unit with high speed and efficient testing;
  • Three options to select the torque units:,, and N-m;
  • Able to operate clockwise or anticlockwise to test screw locking and unscrewing strength;
  • Easy clamping of specimen with adoptable design of clamping unit. Its moveable posts can accommodate a wide range of sample with varied shapes and sizes;
  • Accurate and precise results with data storage for statistical analysis of similar samples;
  • Customization available for extended clamping post and sample gripping options;
  • LCD display for data tracking and.

Working Principle

QT-DTT measures the force per unit length required to test various subjects. It is designed to measure low level torques with high level of accuracy. To start with, the test subject is clamped on the adjustable holder and the subject is twisted by hand till it unscrews, tightens or locks. The maximum torque that underwent will be recorded automatically and is displayed with high accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Test range

0.01-10 N•m

Test accuracy

±1% of reading value

Clips range

Ø10 mm ~ 150 mm

Instrument size

240 mm x 300 mm x 145 mm


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