Drop Dart Impact Tester - ASTM D1709

Drop Dart Impact Tester - ASTM D1709

Series DX-8000 Dart Impact testers Full-Featured models for Film and Sheet - Made in USA

The Model DX-8285A Drop Dart Impact tester with Pneumatic Sample Clamp and Pneumatic Dart release Mechanism

We offer the Series DX-8000, a simple to use stand-alone, non-instrumented tester, for measuring impact resistance of film, sheet, and laminated materials.

Improved Film and Sheet Quality, Increased Profit Margins

The Series 8000 Dart Impact Tester is a proven tool for more closely controlling nominal and peak strength characteristics to speed your:

  • Production and additives settings and adjustments
  • Research and development of new film and sheet products
  • Inspection of incoming film and sheet products
  • In-process checks to ensure on-spec product for converting operations

Series DX-8000 Drop Dart Impact Tester Advantages

  • Meets ASTM
  • Meets specifications of ASTM 01709 Methods A & B Standard Test Method for Free Falling Dart Impact Testing of Plastic Film.

Advanced Technical Features in Each Drop Dart Impact Tester Model

  • Easy, Manual or Pneumatic-assisted Operation
  • Two versions of operation available: Operate as a manual system or with pneumatic-assist for dart release and film/sheet sample clamping. Pneumatic clamping and dart release is useful for laboratories with higher volume sampling requirements.
  • Expandable; Flexible Operation for Method A & B Testing
  • Portable and expandable with models for Method A testing, or Method A & B combination testing.
  • Extensions and custom dart stems & weights available for testing to your in-house developed requirements.
  • Affordable Best of all, the series DX-8000 is economically priced.
Specifications of Drop Dart Impact Tester
Model DX-8165A
Model DX-8285A
Model DX-8165AB
Model DX-8285AB
Mode of operationOff-line testing / lab useOff-line testing / lab useOff-line testing / lab useOff-line testing / lab use
MaterialsAll sheet materialsAll sheet materialsAll sheet materialsAll sheet materials
Test Method Drop HeightMethod A 26 inch (66 cm)Method A 26 inch (66 cm)Method A & B 26 inch (66 cm) and 60 inch (152 cm)Method A & B 26 inch (66 cm) and 60 inch (152 cm)
Dart Release MechanismManual - Thumb ScrewPneumaticManual - Thumb ScrewPneumatic
Sample Clamp MechanismManual - Toggle ClampPneumaticManual - Toggle ClampPneumatic
Dart Sets IncludedMethod A (412 gram)Method A (412 gram)Method A & B (412 gram and 1310 gram)Method A & B (412 gram and 1310 gram)
Dart Head Material ProvidedPhenolicPhenolicPhenolic (Method A) Stainless (Method B)Phenolic (Method A) Stainless (Method B)
Air RequirementsNone60 psi Dry & FilteredNone60 psi Dry & Filtered
Power RequirementsNoneNoneNoneNone
Overall Height48 inch48 inch80 inch80 inch
Weight55 lb55 lb65 lb65 lb


Maintain or Upgrade your Existing Dart Drop Tester with Darts, Weights, and Accessories

Options and Accessories

  • Extensions, Custom Dart Stems, Custom Weights are available
  • Modifications or Spare Parts for other manufacturers' falling dart impact testers
  • Standard or custom systems to meet specific needs

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