Dyeing Rubbing Tester

This state-of-the-art dyeing rubbing tester allows the user to judge the color firmness of dyeing or printed materials. The abrasive hammer is wrapped with either a dry or wet white cotton cloth, thus allowing abrasion of the colored sample with certain loads and times. The sample is then compared with a gray-scale to judge the color firmness.

For colored fabric or leather and similar materials, test the dyeing-color firmness against abrasion. Use the standard white cotton cloth (dry or wet) to wrap the abrasion hammer and attach with a fix load weight. Set abrasion to a specific number of times smoothly to the colored specimen. Then take out the white cotton cloth to compare with the standard gray-scale and evaluate the level of color firmness or dying or printing of the material.

Features of the Dyeing Rubbing Tester:

  • Testing quantity: 6 pcs/each time
  • Specimen size: 22 x 3 cm
  • White cotton cloth size: 8 x 8 cm
  • Abrasion speed: 30 CPM
  • Load Cell: 200g / 500g, adjustable
  • Abrasion distance: 100 mm
  • White cotton cloth abrasion area: about 1 cm2
  • With counter, auto-brake when the number of times is up to pre-set


This machine is structured by a table, Abrasion Hammer, Load shaft, Motor, Eccentric Wheel, reduction gear, Counter & Base.

  • Table: Made of copper plate, diameter 200 mm (chambered), with 6 sets of grips
  • Abrasion Hammer: Total 6 pcs. Length/width 20mm, surface diameter 45 mm cambered. Additional load cell 300g is available upon options
  • Load Shaft: One end attached on fixed shaft, the other end connected with abrasion hammer. The distance between fixed shaft and abrasion hammer is 110 mm. Load shaft could rotate around fix shaft.
  • Eccentric Wheel: It drives table by horizontal motion, shuttle within 120 mm, per minute/30 times.
  • Counter: For setting total testing times, it counts each movement of table, and automatically stops when total movement achieves the number of set-times.
Technical Specification of Dyeing Rubbing Tester
Speed30 CPM
Hammer load100g, 200g, 500g
Cloth rubbing area1 cm2
Rubbing distance10 cm
Dimension40 x 55 x 33 cm (15.7” x 21.7” x 13”)
Weight58 kg
Power 1 Phase, AC220V, 50/60 Hz, 3A (Specified by user)


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