Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental Test Chamber simulates a full range of temperature and humidity conditions to test reliability, durability, climatic, freezing resistance, quality assurance, thermal endurance, plastic products, electrical appliances, instruments, food, vehicles, metals etc.

The biggest advantage for environmental test chambers is saving space in laboratory which we can put this benchtop climatic chamber beside desk in office. 

  • Environmental test chamber exterior material is stainless steel with environmentally baking paint resists corrosion and provides impact resistance. Interior material is SUS304# stainless steel with excellent heat resistance and easy to clean.
  • Safety relay connection is provided to protect your device under test by removing power to it when the environmental chamber is not running. RS-232 communications is for computer connection, programming can be set on computer by software, monitor testing process and automatically execute power on/off functions.
  • Fog-free viewing window and interior light makes viewing workspace freely and observe the test under best conditions. Adjustable product shelf slides out for easier product access. Shelf design is non-tipping and supports large product loads. Left side of environmental test chamber with diameter 50mm cable port for power-on test. Optional electronic humidity sensor is used on all environmental chambers for accuracy and minimal maintenance.
Model #QTTE-064QTTE-080QTTE-150QTTE-225QTTE-408QTTE-800QTTE-1000
Test Volume64L80L150L225L408L800L1000L
Temp Humi Range-60℃~+150℃; -70℃~+150℃10%–98%RH-70℃~+180℃10%–98%RH-75℃~+180℃10%–98%RH
Fluctuation±0.5℃/ ±1.5%±0.5℃/ ±1.5%±0.5℃/ ±1.5%±0.5℃/ ±2.0%±0.5℃/ ±2.5%±0.5℃/ ±2.5%±0.5℃/ ±2.5%
Heating Rate2℃~3℃2℃~5℃2℃~5℃3℃~5℃3℃~5℃3℃~5℃3℃~5℃
Cooling Rate1℃~2℃1℃~2℃1℃~2℃1.5℃~2℃1.5℃~2℃2℃~3℃2℃~3℃
Noise Level (dB)50505555606060
Gross Weight225280350425485650770


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