Off-Line Film and Paper Thickness Gauges

MX-Series Film Thickness Gauge
MX-Series Film Thickness Tester

Semi-Automatic. Point-to-point thickness measurements.

A simple to use stand-alone or computer operated tester, with optional Quality Control software for automatic calculation and graphical display of thickness profiles, statistics, and other information. Read More

CX-Series Film Thickness Gauge
CX-Series Thickness Tester

Automatic. Continuous thickness measurements with capacitance and optional point-to-point thickness measurements.

Combines our patented capacitance sensor with industry-leading software to give you plastic film thickness profiling resolution to one micron. Capacitance measurement is industry-recognized as the best choice for off-line, high resolution, continuous gauge profiling for plastic films. Read More

CHY-Series Film Thickness Gauge
CHY-Series Thickness Tester

For thicker materials.

Designed based on the mechanical contacting method, which effectively ensures standard and accurate test data and applicable to thickness test of plastic films, sheets, diaphragms, paper, foils, silicon wafers and other materials within specified range. Read More

543-Series Film Thickness Gauge
543-Series Thickness Tester


Digital indicator and stand provides a convenient, cost-effective way to perform plant floor or laboratory spot checks of film and sheet thickness. Ideal for tensile test sample thickness measurement with resolution up to 50 millionths of an inch with accuracy to 120 microinches. Read More

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