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Fruit Firmness Tester
Fruit Firmness Tester

Fruit Firmness Tester for Determination of the Fruit Pulp Firmness


Non-Destructive • No need to peel off the fruit

Our extensive range of Fruit Firmness Tester - FFF-Series, are precise units and the only models on the market which can analyze the firmness of fruit such as apples, peaches, apricots, strawberries, plums, cherries, tomatoes, avocados, kohlrabi, carrots, cucumbers, radish and much more non-destructively and accurately. The firmness of fruit pulp is very important for fruit traders as well as research labs. The harvest date of fruit is determined by measuring the firmness of the fruit pulp, which can be a decisive factor for the shipment date to different customers' countries, or duration of storage. Our Fruit Firmness Tester - FFF-Series come in 2 different models:

  • HP-FFF Analog and Low-cost models with exchangeable anvils suitable for fruit traders.
  • HPE-II-FFF Digital model with exchangeable anvils suitable for medium budgets who require digital accuracy and data output, software offering the full flexibility and versatility. This version is most suitable for universities, as well as research centers.

Measurement Principle

The technician should do two measurements at the opposite sides of each fruit, e.g., at the sun-side and the shadow-side. The point of measurement should be plain and without any fault on the peel. With this instrument, the user can see the yielding of the fruit under a certain and constant press power as well as a defined measuring distance. The indicated measured value is a quotient. For this reason it is absolutely important that the user always note the anvil employed for the firmness test. The anvil does not penetrate the peel of the fruit.

Mechanical Tester FFF

The mechanical Fruit Firmness Tester - FFF-Series is equipped with a trailing pointer. It serves for the determination of the highest measured value during the firmness test.

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