Gloss Meter, Micro-TRI-gloss µ

Gloss Meter, Micro-TRI-gloss µ

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Gloss Meter, Micro-TRI-gloss µ
Gloss and Film Thickness in one Instrument

Gloss and film thickness are important QC criteria for coatings. The new micro-TRI-gloss μ measures both in seconds and at the same position. This saves time and is ideal for checks in the field.

  • Simultaneous display 20°, 60°, 85° – for high gloss to matte coatings
  • Dual sensor Fe/NFe – measures thickness on steel as well as on aluminum
  • Automatic check of glossmeter calibration standard
  • Easy, multilingual menu operation with scroll wheel
  • Statistics, Differences and Pass/Fail
  • Memory for 999 readings with name input
  • easy-link software included for professional documentation in Excel®
  • Data transfer from the glossmeter to PC via USB or Bluetooth® wireless technology
Technical Specifications for the Gloss Meter, Micro-TRI-gloss µ
Geometry Application Measurement Area
20° high gloss 10 x 10 mm (0.4 x 0.4 in)
60° semi gloss 9 x 15 mm (0.35 x 0.6 in)
85° low gloss 5 x 38 mm (0.2 x 1.5 in)
Measurement Range 0-100 GU 100 - 2000 GU
Repeatability ±0.2 GU ±0.2 %
Reproducibility ±0.5 ±0.5 %
Substrate Fe: magnetic
NFe: non magnetic
Measurement Range 0-500
Accuracy ± (1.5 μm + 2% of measured value)
Dimensions 155 x 73 x 48 mm (6.1 x 2.9 x 1.9 in)
Weight 400 g (0.9 lbs)
Ordering Information
Cat. No. Description $ 5,970.00 US
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