Gloss Meter Family - Micro-Gloss Glossmeters

Gloss Meter
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Gloss Meter Family - Micro-Gloss Glossmeters

Advanced Gloss Meter Micro-Gloss Models

QualiGloss Series Gloss MeterQualiGloss Series Gloss Meter


Single angle gloss meters for specific applications

20 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 20, Model   AG-4440 20 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 20, Model AG-4440

60 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 60, Model   AG-4442 60 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 60, Model AG-4442

asdf 85 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 85, Model AG-4444

asdf 45 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 45, Model AG-4454

asdf 75 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 75, Model AG-4456


Three angle gloss meter - see gloss changes under the right angle

asdf 20, 60, 85 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-TRI-Gloss, Model AG-4446

Micro-TRI-Gloss µ

Measure Gloss and Film Thickness at the same time - with one unit

asdf 20, 60, 85 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-TRI-Gloss µ with F/NF Thickness Gauge Sensor, Model AG-4448

Micro-Gloss S

Gloss meters for toughest specifications - ensure harmony of interior parts

asdfNEW* 60 degree Gloss Meter, Micro-Gloss 60 S, Model AG-4450

asdfNEW* Micro Tri Gloss Meter, Micro Tri Gloss S, Model AG-4552

Gloss of paint or metal – no problem

With the micro-gloss gloss meter you can measure any material – paints, plastics or highly reflective metals. Its expanded measurement range of up to 2000 gloss units guarantees always reliable results – according to international standards.

Highest accuracy guaranteed

The long-term stable LED light source of the glossmeter provides not only highly repeatable results for many years, but also will never burn out. We even give a 10 year warranty on the lamp life.

A glossmeter measures the specular reflection. The light intensity is registered over a small range of the reflection angle.

Metals have a much higher reflection and are less angle dependent than non-metals.

Non-metal versus Metal

Gloss Meter
Gloss Meter
Measurement of specular reflection  
The  measurement  results of  a gloss meter  are related  to the amount of reflected light from a black glass standard with a defined refractive index, and not to  the  amount of  incident  light. The measurement value for this defined standard is equal to 100 Gloss Units (calibration).
The intensity is dependent on the material and the angle of illumination. In case of  non-metals (coatings, plastics) the amount of reflected light increases  with  the  increse of  the  illumination  angle. The remaining illuminated  light penetrates  the material  and is  absorbed or diffusely scattered dependent on the color.  Materials  with a  higher  refractive  index can  have a  measurement value above 100 gloss units (GU), e.g. films. In case of transparent materials the measurement value can be  increased due to  multiple reflection in the bulk of the material. Due to the high reflection capabilities of metals values of up to  2000 GU  can  be  reached. For  these  applications  it  is  common  to document the measurement results in % reflection of the illuminated light.
Gloss MeterGloss Meter

Gloss meters and their handling procedures had to be internationally specified to allow comparison of measurment values. The angle of illumination is of high influence. In order to obtain a clear differentation over the complete measurment range from high gloss to matte, 3 different geometries, i.e. 3 different ranges, were defined:

In this case study 13 samples were visually ranked from mat to high gloss and measured with the 3 specified geometries. In the steep slopes of the curves the differences between the samples can be clearly measured, while in the flat part the measurement geometry no longer correlates with the visual.

Gloss Range
60º value
To be measured with
We offer a complete line of glossmeters for any geometry: 
Semi Gloss
10 to 70
60º geometry
High Gloss 
20º geometry
• Portable micro-gloss family      
Low Gloss
85º geometry
• Reference laboratory instrument - haze-gloss

In addition, there are industry specific applications for 45º and 75º measurement geometry.

Gloss Meter

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