Digital Portable Hardness Tester – Handy ESATEST

The HANDY ESATEST Digital Portable Hardness Tester is a result of more than forty years of experience and continuing research for new technological solutions to solve problems in hardness testing of metals. HANDY ESATEST is the new and state-of-the-art portable digital hardness tester which measures the electric resistance.

The wing of a supersonic plane, the wishbone of a racing formula one car, a turbine blade, a wheel joint, are only some of the "difficult" applications which HANDY ESATEST is able to fulfill, issuing data with a detailed comparative diagram and report.

  • Small or Large specimens
  • Irregular shapes
  • Interiors
  • Gear evolvents
  • Progressive load application
  • With only one measurement the different hardnesses can be visualized conforming to the whole range of loads from 1 to 10kp.
  • 16 bit Electronics
  • Latest software, multilingual and multifunction/statistics.
  • Direct reading on graphic LCD display 80x30 mm.
Type HANDY ESATEST, portable hardness tester.
Working principle Measuring of electric resistance.
Reading Digital, on graphic LCD display 80x30 mm.
Test load progressive application from 1 to 10kg (9.81 - 98.1 N).
Load application Progressively, possibility to set the maximum load by keyboard.
Incorporated scales HV, HRC, HRB, HRA, Brinell HB 30, ZNmm², HRF, other scales on request.
Electronics 16 bit, connectable to peripheral units.
Available files 8.
Capacity of memory 1000 values.
Selectable functions scales, tolerances, calibration, language selection, test load, etc.
Outputs RS232 C
Power supply Single-phase from 100 to 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz with earthing. Batteries with 8 hours life.
Operation temperature 10 - 40°C, with sensor for automatic temperature compensation.
Gross weight of the instrument with wooden case 5.9 Kg.
Mechanical unit 670 g
Electronic box 780 g
Standard Accessories Vickers test block calibrated at 1 to 10 kp, Support for flat surfaces, Support for round surfaces, Two points support, Kit for none magnetic material, Keys, Fuses, Magnetic sensor cable, Wooden case, Instruction Manual in English
Optional Accessories Support for internal surfaces: depth 50 mm. - diam. min. 15 mm, Software for statistics, Rockwell test block, Brinell test block, Special Scales, Spare indenter, 80 columns printer, Printer cable, Software for test graph analysis and data management on PC

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