Hardness Test Block

Qualitest offer the largest Hardness Test Block selection in the industry. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call our sales department. All of our Hardness Test Blocks come with Certification. All the blocks are calibrated and accredited to ISO guide 25 and will meet automotive and aerospace standards. The HRC test blocks are calibrated on the new NIST level.




Available Products

Rockwell Regular Hardness Test Block

Hardness Scale Test BlockPart No.indenterLoadRangesMaterial
A ScaleQTRCTB-RA10C Diamond60 KgA60 - A84Steel
A ScaleQTRCTB-RA20C Diamond60 KgA20 - A59Brass
A ScaleQTRCTB-RA30A Diamond (Carbide)60 KgA88 & upCarbide
B ScaleQTRCTB-RB101/16" Ball100 KgB10 - B92Brass
B ScaleQTRCTB-RB201/16" Ball100 KgB90 - B130Steel
C ScaleQTRCTB-RC10C Diamond150 KgAllSteel
D ScaleQTRCTB-RD10C Diamond100 KgAllSteel
E ScaleQTRCTB-RE101/8" Ball100 KgAllBrass
F ScaleQTRCTB-RF101/16" Ball60 KgAllBrass
G ScaleQTRCTB-RG101/16" Ball150 KgG2.5 - G64Brass
G ScaleQTRCTB-RG201/16" Ball150 KgG66 & upSteel
H ScaleQTRCTB-RH101/8" Ball60 KgAllBrass
K ScaleQTRCTB-RK101/8" Ball150 KgAllBrass
L ScaleQTRCTB-RL101/4" Ball60 KgAllBrass
M ScaleQTRCTB-RM101/4" Ball100 KgAllBrass
P ScaleQTRCTB-RP101/4" Ball150 KgAllBrass
R ScaleQTRCTB-RR101/2" Ball60 KgAllBrass
S ScaleQTRCTB-RS101/2" Ball100 KgAllBrass
V ScaleQTRCTB-RV101/2" Ball150 KgAllBrass
NOTE: Aluminum Test blocks are available in "B", "E", "F", "G", "H", "K" Scales, but ranges are more limited.


Rockwell Superficial Hardness Test Block

Hardness Scale Test BlockPart No.PenetratorLoadRangesMaterial
15N ScaleQTRHTB-S15N10N Diamond15 KgAllSteel
30N ScaleQTRHTB-S30N10N Diamond30 KgAllSteel
45N ScaleQTRHTB-S45N10N Diamond45 KgAllSteel
15T ScaleQTRHTB-S15T101/16" Ball15 KgAllBrass
30T ScaleQTRHTB-S30T101/16" Ball30 KgAllBrass
45T ScaleQTRHTB-S45T101/16" Ball45 KgAllBrass
15W ScaleQTRHTB-S15W101/8" Ball15 KgAllBrass
30W ScaleQTRHTB-S30W101/8" Ball30 KgAllBrass
45W ScaleQTRHTB-S45W101/8" Ball45 KgAllBrass
15X ScaleQTRHTB-S15X101/4" Ball15 KgAllBrass
30X ScaleQTRHTB-S30X101/4" Ball30 KgAllBrass
45X ScaleQTRHTB-S45X101/4" Ball45 KgAllBrass
15Y ScaleQTRHTB-S15Y101/2" Ball15 KgAllBrass
30Y ScaleQTRHTB-S30Y101/2" Ball30 KgAllBrass
45Y ScaleQTRHTB-S45Y101/2" Ball45 KgAllBrass


Rockwell Testing Accessories

ASTM E-10, ISO 6508

Diamond Indenters
Part No:Hardness ScaleIndenter/Penetrator
QTDP-P10100C, A, D ScaleGrade B
QTDP-P10100AC, A, D ScaleGrade A Regular
QTDP-P10200N  ScaleGrade B
QTDP-P10200AN  ScaleGrade A Regular
QTDP-P10300A  ScaleCarbide
QTDP-P10301A  ScaleCarbide Indentron
QTDP-P1040C DiamondPen-Versitron
QTDP-P10400C ScaleGrade B Tapered Verse
QTDP-P1045N DiamondPen Versitron
QTDP-P10501C DiamondPen Indentron
QTDP-P1050AC , A, D ScaleGrade A Indentron
QTDP-P1060N ScaleGrade B Indentron
QTDP-P1060AN ScaleGrade Indentron
QTDP-P1070C & N Combo Slip-in Diamond Indenter
QTDP-P10700C & N ComboIndentron
QTDP-P10701C & N ComboVersitron
QTDP-P1071C & A ComboVersitron

Indentron® and Versitron® are registered trademarks of Newage Testing Instruments, Inc. Each diamond penetrator is mounted in conformity with its grain structure, to assure balanced pressure and prevent early wear or breakage. They are precision ground, lapped and polished. We also subject each diamond penetrator to a strict performance test before it is approved and certified for sale.


Ball Indenters
Part No:Description
QTBP-P201011/16” Ball Penetrator Indentron
QTBP-P201021/16” Ball Penetrator Versitron
QTBP-P202011/8” Ball Penetrator Indentron
QTBP-P202021/”8” Ball Penetrator Versitron
QTBP-P203011/4” Ball Penetrator Standard
QTBP-P204011/2” Ball Penetrator Indentron
QTBP-P201501/16” Carbide Ball Certified (50 each)
QTBP-P202501/8” Carbide Ball Certified (25 each)
QTBP-P203501/4” Carbide Ball
QTBP-P204501/2 “ Carbide Ball


Part No:Description
QTAn-A1010Pedestal Spot(1/4”) Anvil
QTAn-A10111” Spot Anvil
QTAn-A1012Pedestal Spot (1/2”) Anvil
QTAn-A1014Pedestal Spot 1” Anvil
QTAn-A10201 ½” Flat Anvil
QTAn-A10231” Flat Anvil
QTAn-A10251 ¼” Flat Anvil
QTAn- A10302 ½” Flat Anvil
QTAn-A1040Shallow V Anvil
QTAn-A1050Standard V Anvil
QTAn-A10553 ½” V Anvil
QTAn-A10804” V Anvil
QTAn-A30208" Testing Table


Brinell Test Blocks and Accessories

ASTM E-10, ISO 6506

All of our Brinell Test Blocks come certified to applicable standards. We adhere to a strict procedure for the calibration of these blocks, and the accuracy of the tester is maintained using a proving ring and load cell both traceable to N.I.S.T. The readings themselves are done using a stage micrometer also calibrated and traceable to N.I.S.T.

Brinell Hardness Test Blocks
Part No:DescriptionRange
QTBHTB-B30003000 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-B15001500 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-B10001000 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-B3001750 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-B0500500 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-B0250250 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-B3002187.5 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-B100262.5 Kg Load All Hardness Ranges
QTBHTB-BT001Telebrineller Test BarsAll Hardness Ranges


Brinell Accessories
Part No:Description
QTBA-P301010mm Steel Balls
QTBA-P302010mm Carbide Balls
QTBP-P3031Brinell- 5 mm Carbide Ball
QTBP-P3032Brinell- 2.5 mm Carbide Ball
QTBP-P3033Brinell- 1 mm Carbide Ball
QTBP-P31315mm Brinell Indentor with Carbide Ball for Rckwell Testing
QTBP-P313410mm Brinell Indentor with Carbide Ball for Rockwell Testing


Micro Hardness Test Blocks

ASTM E-92 - ISO 6507 & 4545
ASTM E-384 - ISO 6507

Our range of micro hardness test blocks exceed industry standards. All of our micro test blocks are mirror-polished and mounted to provide the best possible test surface.

Each mirror-polished Heavy Load Vickers test block has the same surface area provided by our Rockwell test blocks, so that you get the most test opportunities for your money.

Micro Hardness Test blocks
Part No:DescriptionRange
QTMHB-MV010Vickers (1 gram to 1,000 gram)All Ranges
QTMHB-MV020Heavy Load Vickers (1 Kg to 50 Kg)All Ranges
QTMHB-MK010Knoop (1 gram to 1,000 gram)All Ranges
Note: When ordering please specify Knoop or Vickers, Load and the Hardness Number you require.
Micro Hardness Accessories
Part No:Description
QTBA-P1110Vickers Diamond Penetrator *
*Vickers Indenter available for all of different makes. Please specify the make of your hardness tester when ordering.
QTBA-P1120Knoop Diamond Penetrator *
*Knoop Indenter available for all of different makes. Please specify the make of your hardness tester when ordering.


Master Calibration Kits

Our Master Calibration Kits are produced to provide our customers with the ultimate tool in Quality Control. Each kit contains a test block or blocks and the actual indenter unit that was used to calibrate them. By matching specific blocks to a specific indenter, a set relationship is established, and they can be eliminated as potential variables in the hardness test system. Should a problem arise, a master kit on hand allows you to quickly and accurately determine whether your hardness tester is the source.

Each block in our kits has been calibrated on a tester whose accuracy has been verified using N.I.S.T. traceable load and depth measuring devices. The individual test blocks are marked both with their own unique serial number and the serial number of the indenter in the kit. All of our kits come with their own polished wood case, and certified to all the applicable standards.

More information available upon request.

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