HARDTEST® - Hardness Test and Evaluation Software

HARDTEST® - Hardness Test and Evaluation Software

HARDTEST® program can be used for all electronic hardness testers with RS 232C serial interfaces that we offer.

This software includes all necessary functions for a proper test run such as:

- Reading of all the actual measured values and hardness of a series of measurements. Single values can be deleted and the measured values which aren't within the tolerance limits are marked (<,>).

- You can view all the statistical values at the same time. In addition you can get the gradient and section of the axes of a regression line from a series of measurements.

- The series of measurements can be shown as a graph. You are able to zoom in and out of any ranges of the diagram for a better view. You can also draw the most important values on the diagram (e.g. tolerance limits, average and medium value, regression line, etc.)

- The test protocol can be defined freely. This feature is useful for print-out purposes.

-The test data per series of measurements can be stored in a data file of articles. You can insert a drawing or scanned image in each article.

- Through hysteresis test, you can determine the flow and recovery characteristics of materials.

- Especially, the aging process of materials can be shown very well by piling-up of several graphs.



Additional features:

  • Series of measurements can be saved on hard drive or a diskette

  • Series of measurements can be postponed and continued at a later time

  • Data transfer of series of measurements to other programs (tables, databases, etc.) is possible


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