HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Test Systems

HDT1 Single Station Manual Heat Deflection Tester

HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester

Qualitest HDT/VICAT Testers measure Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT) and Vicat Softening Point of plastic materials. HDT1 is a single station Heat Deflection tester, while the HDV3 System and HV2000 HDT / Vicat Testers offer sophisticated control using Windows based software. The software provides control and analysis for two to six stations on multiple HDV3 systems, and 3 to 6 stations on HV2000 with easy setup, operation, and calibration.

Heat Deflection Temperature Tester (HDT1) is a single station and low-cost system designed in accordance to ASTM D648 as well as ISO 75 to measure material's ability to perform for a short time at elevated temperatures while supporting a load. The test measures the effect of temperature on stiffness: a standard test specimen is given a defined surface stress and the temperature is raised at a uniform rate.

Technical Specifications for HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester
Temperature:Ambient Room~300°C
Heating system:2°C per minute, difference 1°C
Loading Weight:200N without any weight.
Accessories:0.1Nx1, 0.2Nx2, 0.5Nx1, 1Nx1, 2Nx2, 5Nx1, 10Nx1
Deflection Graduation:0.01~10mm
Bending Distance:up to 100mm, can be specified when ordering
3 point Sample fixture:Ø3.0mm
Specimen Dimension:ASTMD638: 5”(127mmx 1/2”(127mm)x1/4”(6.35mm) ISO edgewise:120x10x4mm, ISO flatwise: 80x10x4mm
ISO edgewise:120mmx10mmx4mm
ISO flatwise:80mmx10mmx4mm

HV2000 - HDT/Vicat Tester

The HV2000 - HDT/Vicat Tester is used for determining the temperature at which an arbitrary deformation occurs (HDT) and the temperature at which a specified needle penetration occurs (VICAT) when specimen are subjected to specified controlled test conditions. During test, the screen will display the temperature and deformation of every specimen simultaneously. When reaching the test conditions, it will beep as a reminder. It also has a ventilation system.

HV2000 - HDT/Vicat Tester
Technical Specifications for HV2000 - HDT/Vicat Tester
Testing Method:HDT/VICAT
Temperature Range:Room temp. ~ 300°C
Cooling Method:Refrigeration system / Water Cooling (optional)
Cooling Time:300 ~ 50 oC within 40 min, 300°C ~ Room temp. within 1hr
Temperature Accuracy± 0.1°C
Heat transfer Medium:Silicone oil
Loading Weight:1g, 2g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 10N, 40N
Dimensions (W x D x H):147x72x170 cm
Weight (main unit):490 kg
Power:110-120V/60Hz, 220-240V/50Hz
Models of the HV2000A Series
HV2000A-3W HDT/Vicat Tester – 3 specimen (with water cooling system)
HV2000A-6W HDT/Vicat Tester – 6 specimen (with water cooling system)
HV2000A-6R HDT/Vicat Tester – 6 specimen (with Refrigeration system)

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