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HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester
HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester
HDT Series- Heat Deflection Tester

HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester

HDT/VICAT Systems offer Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT) and Vicat Softening Point of plastic materials. Qualitest offers a single station economical Heat Deflection tester, while the HV - 3000 Systems and HDT Series Heat Deflection Tester soffer sophisticated control using Windows based software.

HV-3000-D3 / D6 HDT / VICAT Tester

Polymers deflection

HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Test Systems
Plastic materials are very sensitive to temperature changes. Unlike metals, polymers are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and many factors contribute to affect their thermal behavior, which is a rather complex property. The thermal properties of plastic materials are equally as important as the mechanical properties. Selecting a suitable plastic is a big challenge for Designers and material selectors of plastic products for elevated temperature performance.

In other words, they need to have a deep understanding of the short-term effect of temperature on the material selected. HV-3000-D3/D6 are designed to determine the behavior of plastic materials as a function of the temperature (short-term effect).


HV-3000-D, the latest compact model of DT/VICAT tester, is designed to measure both heat deflection temperature (HDT) and VICAT softening temperature (VST) for evaluating the thermal property of plastic materials.

The lightweight design makes HV-3000-D an ideal choice of compact HDT-VICAT tester. The information of temperature in real time from each test station can be read in a single display screen allowing user to monitor test more conveniently. The design of the tester complies with international standards including ASTM, ISO and DIN.

VICAT Softening temperature

"VICAT softening temperature" or "VICAT hardness is the determination of the softening point for materials that have no definite melting point, such as plastics. It is taken as the temperature at which the specimen is penetrated to a depth of 1 mm by a flat-ended needle with a 1 mm2 circular or square cross-section. For the VICAT A test, a load of 10 N is used. For the VICAT B test, the load is 50 N.

Standards to determine VICAT softening point include ASTM D 1525 and ISO 306, which are largely equivalent.

Heat deflection temperature

HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Test Systems
The heat deflection temperature or heat distortion temperature (HDT, HDTUL, or DTUL) is the temperature at which a polymer or plastic sample deforms under a specified load. This property of a given plastic material is applied in many aspects of product design, engineering, and manufacture of products using thermoplastic components.

Applicable Standards

HDT Test: ISO 306, ASTM D1525, DIN 53460 and equivalents

VICAT Test: ISO 75, ASTM D648, DIN 53461 and equivalents

Test Station

HV3000-D3 Series have 3 sample test station and for more sample test station we offer HV3000-D6.

According to the different requests, Qualitest can supply these testers with below mentioned configurations;

  • HV-3000-D3/D6 Desktop
  • HV-3000-P3/P6 Desktop computerized
  • HV-3000-P3C/P6C Desktop computerized
Technical Specifications for HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester - HV-3000
ConformanceASTM-D648, ASTM-D1525, ISO-75, ISO-306, DIN 53461, DIN 53460
Test station36
Display and controlLCD Display and PLC control system
Temperature rangeRoom temperature ~ 300℃
Temperature accuracy±0.5℃
Warm-upWarm-up rate 2±0.2℃ /min (HDT); 50±5℃/hr (VICAT)
Deflection and penetration measuring range0.01~5.00mm (digital dial gauge)
Cooling deviceBuilt-in water piping
Support span64mm, 100mm or 101.6mm
Dimension (approx.)Dimension (approx.) 915 × 476 × 475mm (W×D×H)
Weight (approx.)120kg150Kg
PowerSingle phase AC (shall be specified before placing the order)


Models of the HV 3000 Series
HV-3000-D3Desktop HDT/VICAT Tester 3 sets, Desktop type, LCD display, Water Cooling system.
HV-3000-D6Desktop HDT/VICAT Tester 6 sets, Desktop type, LCD display, Water Cooling system.
HV-3000-P3Desktop Computer HDT/VICAT Tester 3 sets, Desktop type, Computer control and display, Water Cooling system.
HV-3000-P6Desktop Computer HDT/VICAT Tester 6 sets, Desktop type, Computer control and display, Water Cooling system.
HV-3000-P3CComputer HDT/VICAT Tester 3 sets, Computer control and display, Compressor system.
HV-3000-P6CComputer HDT/VICAT Tester 6 sets, Computer control and display, Compressor system.


HDT Series- Heat Deflection Tester

Heat Deflection Temperature Tester (HDT1) is a single station and low-cost system designed in accordance to ASTM D648 as well as ISO 75 to measure material's ability to perform for a short time at elevated temperatures while supporting a load. The test measures the effect of temperature on stiffness: a standard test specimen is given a defined surface stress and the temperature is raised at a uniform rate.


  • Temperature: Ambient Room~300°C
  • Heating system: 2°C per minute, difference 1°C
  • Loading Weight: 200N without any weight. Accessories: 0.1Nx1, 0.2Nx2, 0.5Nx1, 1Nx1, 2Nx2, 5Nx1, 10Nx1
  • Deflection Graduation: 0.01~10mm
  • Bending Distance: up to 100mm, can be specified when ordering
  • 3 point Sample fixture: Ø3.0mm
  • Specimen Dimension: ASTMD648: 5”(127mm) x1/2”(127mm)x1/4”(6.35mm)
  • ISO edgewise:120mmx10mmx4mm
  • ISO flatwise: 80mmx10mmx4mm

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