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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester for Plastics Pipes
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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester - Water Tank
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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester For Plastic Pipes

ASTM D-1598, ASTM D-1599, ISO 1167


QT-HPT Series is designed to determine the resistance of thermoplastics pipes and short-time hydraulic burst to constant internal water pressure at constant temperature. It is applicable to thermoplastic pipes intended for the conveyance of fluids. It confirms to ASTM D1598-2004, ASTM D1599 and IS0 1167-2006.

ASTM D1598-2004 Standard Test Method for Time-to-Failure of Plastic Pipe Under Constant Internal Pressure. This test method covers the determination of the time-to-failure of both thermoplastic and reinforced thermosetting/ resin pipe under constant internal pressure. It provides a method of characterizing plastics in the form of pipe under the conditions prescribed.

Pressure Control Unit

  • Pressure control unit comes with touch screen or PC for test parameter settings. Testing results are easy to be converted to excel for further processing.
  • Supply up to 50 different pressure on the area less than 1m2.
  • Specimen size and material intelligent identification comes with optimized pressure rising solution and algorithm.
  • High accuracy pressure control. Selectively adjustable input pressure in each individual module to reduce the wearing of solenoid valves.
  • All metal components that come into contact with the medium are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • User friendly, multi languages interface are provided for different users.
  • Quick calibration. Pressure calibration and temperature calibration can be run during the test.
  • Individual circulation time, flow rate and pressure can be selected.
  • It provides the test constancy as regards to temperature, pressure and flow rate as well as lowering the energy consumption.
  • Reliable safeguards, e.g. liquid level measuring devices, emergency stop and cord switch ensure the tester to be out of action in case of the test fails or piping system bursts. Doors shall be locked during testing period
  • Reliable data exchange via TCP/IP protocol.


QT-HPT-CU22 Series

QT-HPT-CU21 Series

Pressure Range

0.2Mpa to 10Mpa (16Mpa / 20Mpar as option)

Pressure Resolution

0.001Mpar ( 0.01bar or 1PSI)

Pipe Diameter Range

Φ2 - Φ1600

Test Stations

3, 5,10, 20  (others upon request)

Control Mode

Industrial PC (touch screen)

LED and PC

Printing Mode

Saved on removable device,

print through PC

Print through PC

Timing Range

0 - 10000h

Time Resolution


Timing Mode

Counter-up, counter-down


Thermal Tank

  • Optimal material selection. Inner container, outer protection plate as well as the lid are made of high quality stainless steel. Further, all the components that come in contact with medium are also made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Thermal Tank is constructed with the heavy section steel frame providing an extremely rigid performance.
  • Optimised heating capacity and excellent thermal insulation reduced energy consumption rate. Even when the water temperature reach 95℃, the outer cover will still stay at room temperature. It helps to enhance the security and save more than 70% of power consumption.
  • Unique steam collection device keeps steam and heat in the test tank and protect against injury.
  • Automatic water filling design ensures full tank capacity during the whole time.
  • Lids are opened by hydraulics and opening degree can be adjusted up on operator’s requirements.
  • Quick couplings simplify the connection of the test specimens.
  • Outer protection plates can be removed to access serviceable parts such as circulation pump, heating elements etc. Service and maintenance can be performed when the tank is filled with water due to the unique design.



Temperature Range

20℃ - 95℃

Temperature Control Accuracy

± 0.1℃

Temperature Uniformity

± 1℃

Temperature Fluctuation

During Automatic Level Compensation

Less than 0.1℃

Lid Opening

Pneumatic Opening

Level Compensation




By using the advanced structure,QT-HPT-EC Endcaps are particularly rapid to assemble and disassemble without any special tools even on chamfered and oval pipes. Hollow-out design has reduced the weight drastically compared to the standard endcaps. Further, it is easier for observation and operation. QT-HPT-EC are manufactured with anti-corrosive materials and fit regardless of the pipe wall thickness.



Diameter Range

10 - 1600mm


1/4inch male connection and bleed valve

Max. Test Pressure

Up to 100bar

(depending on standard, specification and pipe sample diameter)


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