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Launder Meter - Launder Tester

ISO 105-C06:2010, ISO 105-C08:2010, ISO 105-C09:2001

The Launder Meter - Launder Tester - QT-7021 is designed to evaluate the color fastness to laundering of Textiles. A textile specimen in contact with one or two specified adjacent fabrics is mechanically agitated under prescribed condition of time and temperature in a soap solution, then rinsed and dried. The change in color of the specimen and the staining of the adjacent fabric or fabrics are assessed by comparison with the grey scales.

Color change - The degree of change in color of a specimen of the textile during the processing, testing, storage or use of the material.

Staining - The degree of the transfer of a specimen’s colorant (s) to adjacent materials after a test

The test of wash-endurance of organic solvent can also be executed, too. It can automatically adjust temperature and time. Pre-heating testing cups are to be used in the chamber for testing.

Technical Specification of the Launder Meter - Launder Tester
Specimen10 x 5 cm
Temperature Up to 100°C
Speed40±2 rpm
Test Cup75± 5mm in dia ; 125 ± 10mm in height and 550 ± 50cc in capacity
Steel Ball6mm in dia
Soap Liquid5g/l
Timer0-60 min
Dimensions (WxDxH)120x65x127 cm (47.2” x 25.6” x 50”)
Weight157 kg /346 lb
Power1 Phase, 110V/60 Hz


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