Light Transmittance and Haze Tester - QT-HZ-A

ASTM D1003

Light Transmittance and Haze Tester is best suitable instrument for evaluation of light transmitting and light scattering properties of transparent materials.

It is specially designed for evaluation of light transmitting and light scattering properties based on Procedure-A of ASTM D1003 by using Haze meter for more accurate results.

Measurement of Transparency is important because a material needs to be more or less transparent depending on its practical usage, e.g. a grocery bag needs the light to be more diffused so that less can be seen while food packaging film needs the light to be less diffused so that the contents can be seen clearly. For reasons such as these haze meters are necessary to determine which material is needed for which practical purposes.


Light Transmittance and Haze Tester is used to measure the light transmittance and haze degree of all transparent and semi-transparent parallel plane samples (plastic plate, sheets etc), and turbidity or clarity of liquid samples (water, drinks etc), used in the industries of plastics, membrane, coatings and paints, printing ink, research institute and so on.


  • More accurate measurements in comparison to other procedures;
  • Adopt parallel lighting, hemispherical reflectance using integrated sphere with photo-electric receiving;
  • Equipped with Light Source C, simulating natural day light with CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of 6774 K;
  • Easy to operate, adopt microcomputer automatic operating system and data processing system, can operate without knobs, convenient to use;
  • With USB port, can store data in USB flash drive;
  • Transmittance result displays at 0.01%, haze also displays at 0.01%;
  • Thanks to the employ of modulator, the instrument is not influenced by ambient light, so test needs not to happen in dark room, which assure the accuracy of sample testing;
  • Liquid samples can also be tested by adopting magnetic clips and liquid holding cups;
  • Accompanied with a standard haze plate, for checking the functions of instrument anytime. (Note: that haze plate cannot be wiped; should use rubber suction bulb to clean it.)

Working Principle

Light transmittance and Haze is measured by observing scattering of light while through material under consideration. A light beam is passed through sample, where light is diffused in all directions which results in a loss of contrast. That percentage of light that when passing through deviates from the incident beam greater than 2.5 degrees (on average) is defined as Haze

Total transmittance is the measure of the total incident light compared to the light that is actually transmitted (e.g. total transmittance). So the incident light may be 100%, but because of absorption and reflection the total transmittance may only be 94%.

The data gained from the haze meter can be transferred to a computer for further data processing and results are analyzed to ensure a consistent product quality and control of manufacturing process variables.

Technical Specifications

Test Range

Light Transmittance: 0 ~ 100%

Haze Degree: 0 ~ 30%


Light Transmittance: 1%; 

Haze Degree: 0.1% for H ≤ 0.5% & 0.3% for H > 0.5%


Light Transmittance: 0.5%;

Haze Degree: 0.05% for Haze ≤ 0.5% & 0.1% for Haze > 0.5%

Light Source

C (Representing natural day light with CCT of 6774 K)

Size of Haze Plate

Ø 40 mm x 2 mm

Instrument Size

740 mm x 270 mm x 300 mm

Instrument Weight

21 kg


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