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On-Line Film Thickness Measurement Systems
On-Line Film Thickness Measurement Systems

X-Ray Non Contact On-Line Thickness Gauge System for Plastic Film

The modern production process requires faster and more accurate quality control technologies to improve the overall quality and ensure optimized production parameters. Qualitest’s On-line non-contact and non-destructive X-ray measurement and control system improves the quality of your products by providing real-time feedback of absolute or deviation from target thickness measurements.

The benefit of high speed measurement and vital statistical data is optimized production control; which leads to cost reduction and productivity increase for plastic sheet, film, foil or plastic coating production lines.

Qualitest On-line Film Thickness measurement systems are offered in three different standard precision ranges and are available in both O-Attenuation Calculation shaped and C-shaped frames. The standard effective scanning width is 59 inches (1500mm). Qualitest also offers customized solutions to meet most production requirements.

The measuring principle of the Online X-ray thickness gauge is based on X-Ray attenuation. When the X-ray travels through the material, it will attenuate due to absorption. The material thickness is determined by the change in X-ray intensity as the ray passes through the measured material.

Model Fix-point Precision (μm) Scanning Precision (μm) Scanning Width  (mm) Range of Measuring Thickness (mm)
QX01-S ±0.15μm~0.1%FS ±0.25μm~0.2%FS Application specific 0 ~ 5
QX02-S ±0.30μm~0.2%FS ±0.50μm~0.4%FS
QX03-S ±0.60μm~0.4%FS ±1.00μm~0.8%FS


X-Ray Source

The X-Ray source has a variable energy output from 4-10 kV, the low output energy makes the unit safe to operate. When the power supply is switched off the out put of X-Ray energy immediately stops. The X-ray source is housed in an oil filled stainless steel container which provides excellent protection. By adjusting the parameters of the X-Ray tube a wide range of material thickness can be measured.

X-Ray Detector

The X-Ray detector is the most critical component of the thickness gauge; our detectors are manufactured in-house under the strictest quality control to ensure stability and minimal temperature drift. The signal process module is designed with a thermostat to ensure stable signal output in all temperature conditions.

Attenuation Calculation

I =Ioe-μρx

In the equation:

I = Measuring intensity of transmitter after radiation goes through material
Io= Intensity before radiation goes through
μ = Mass absorption coefficient (m2/g)
ρ = Density of material
X = Material thickness (cm)  
ρX = Material quantification


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