DeMattia Flexing Fatigue Tester

Diamond Selector

Dies ( for Plastics Specimens)

Drop Dart Impact Tester

Drop Tester

Drop Tester - Large Size

Drop Weight Tear Tester for Pipes


Dyeing Rubbing Tester


Elmendorf Tear Strength Tester


Fatigue Tester Models (Resonant Testing - Metals)

Fatigue Flex Tester - ( DeMattia Model - Rubber)

Flammability Tester

Flaw Detector

Flexometer (Goodrich)

Force Gauge

Freezing Tester

Friction / Peel Tester

Fruit Firmness Tester

FT-IR Spectrophotometer (FTIR Spectrometer)


Gardner Impact Tester

Gecor Systems for Corrosion Analysis of Concrete Steel Reinforcement Bars

Gehman Tester

Gemstone Gauge C-Master

Gloss Meter (Micro-Gloss, etc.)

Gold Tester

Grip & Fixture For Tensile, Compression, Bending (Flexure), Shear, etc. Tests

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