Universal Testing Machine | Universal Tensile Tester

Universal Testing Machine - Universal Tensile Tester - Qualitest offers the most competitive line of Universal Testing Machine range in the industry.

Hardness Testers

Qualitest offers more than 100 different configurations of hardness testers to exactly meet your desired application, scale of measurement, performance and budget. 

Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester

Qualitest offers Charpy / Izod Impact Testers with capacities up to 750J meeting and exceeding ASTM E23, ISO, DIN, JIS, standard requirements.

Metallography Equipment

Qualitest covers a complete and competitive range of Metallography instruments and consumables for Metallographic Sample Preparation.

Sample Specimen Preparation Equipment

Qualitest introduces our new advance Sample Specimen Preparation machines known as SpeciCut & SpeciLathe

XRF Spectrometers and Metal Analyzers

XRF (X-ray fluorescence spectrometry) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to identify and determine the concentrations of elements present in solid, powdered and liquid samples.

Sheet Metal Formability Ductility Testers

A full range of Sheet Metal Formability/ Ductility Testers from manual versions up to highly advanced and sophisticated automatic models to measure formability, ductility characteristics of sheet metals as well as perform erichsen, olsen, deep drawing, ear measurement, FLC analysis, and sample marking.

Optical Sorting Machine

Qualitest offers a line of optical sorting machine that can also be used to do automatic sorting.

Spectroscopy Instruments

Spectroscopy Products - UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption AAS - FT-IR Spectrometer - Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced Spectrophotometers which help to improve product quality, productivity and analytical processes.

Surface Roughness Tester

The Qualitest TR-Roughness Testing range provides the best possible mix of different models ranging from economical portable models for basic roughness testing needs, up to the tabletop advanced version that comes with advanced software and platform for high accuracy and repeatability.

Precihite Ultra - Height Gauge

Electronic Height gauges serve a variety of use. Primarily it is used to measure distances, lengths and various other dimensions.

Profile Projetor - Optical Comparator - QTVB-12

Qualitest offers best selling and top quality profile projectors that are highly versatile and easy to operate. This popular series has large travel range, excellent quality and performance and is very reasonable priced.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced ultrasonic thickness gauge, wall thickness and corrosion gages and much more.

Creep and Stress Rupture Tester - QualiCreep Series

Qualitest offers a wide range of Creep Testers - for testing of Metals. Creep machines are primarily used by engineers to determine the stability of a material and its behavior when it is put through ordinary stresses.

Cold Bend Testing Machine QualiBend II

The Cold Bend Testing Machine - QualiBend series are used for bending of metallic materials such as metal rods, planks and steel screw threads.

Resonant Fatigue Testing Machines

Resonant testing machines can stress specimens or structures with a dynamic load superimposed to a static load.

Fracture Image Analyzer - QualiDFIA

Qualitest covers a complete and competitive range of Fracture Image Analyzers for dynamic fracture tests.

Charpy Specimen Machine – CNM

Impact Test Sample Preparation - Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced sample preparation equipment such as Charpy/ Izod Impact Specimen Broaching machines and notchers as well as impact sample machines which produce square Charpy test specimens from rough cut samples.

Percent Shear / Lateral Expansion / Charpy Dimension Verification System - QPM 7000 Series

The Percent Shear / Lateral Expansion / Charpy Dimension Verification System - QPM 7000 Series dimension verification system allows the user to comply with the current ASTM E 23 methods for measuring percent shear fracture area.

Drop Weight Tear Tester - DWTT

The most comprehensive and high-end range of DWTT Drop Weight Tear Testers for measuring the fracture characteristics and fracture ductility of steel specimens according to API 5L, EN 10274, ASTM-E 436, ‘Pellini’ and much more.

Metallurgical Microscope

Qualitest offers an attractive range of top quality portable as well as table-top inverted Metallurgical Microscopes to complement metallography labs.

Portable Metallurgical Microscope – Metallograph

Portable Metallurgical Microscope SM 500 is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope ideally used for metallographical inspection of metals in laboratory or in-site.

Torsion Tester - Quali TT

The Quali-TT Series Torsion Tester offers a standard torque capacity of up to 2,000 Nm (17,700 in lb).

Grip & Fixtures

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced test fixtures and grips, accessories, and adapters for Universal Testing Machines, and Tensile / Compression Testers.