Metallography Equipment

Qualitest covers a complete and competitive range of Metallography instruments and consumables for Metallographic Sample Preparation, from manual machines to sophisticated microprocessor controlled preparation systems. This comprehensive range includes abrasive and precision cutters, mounting presses, grinding and polishing systems, petrography equipment, spectroscopy sample preparation systems, consumables as well as metallurgical microscopes.

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Available Products

Petrography, Mineralogy and Geology Equipment

Qualitest covers a complete range of instruments for petrographic sample preparation, starting with a piece of rock and finishing at 20 microns.

Precision Cutting Sample Preparation

Precision cutting is used for precise and deformation-free cutting of “Metals, Ceramics, Electronic Components, Crystals, Composites, Biomaterials, Sintered Carbides, Minerals, etc.”

Abrasive Cutting Sample Preparation

Sample preparation starts with "Cutting" and good "Cutting" means a good start. Selecting the right cut-off wheel ensures freedom from burn and distortion and is the best way to save time and consumables. Correct cutting produce specimens which are in perfect condition for the next preparation steps.

Sample Preparation for Spectroscopy

Qualitest covers a complete range of instruments for Optical emission spectrometry (OES) and X-Ray fluorescence which are most commonly used techniques for the analysis of metals and solid samples.

Grinding & Polishing Sample Preparation

Qualitest offers high quality instruments and consumables for Grinding & Polishing Sample Preparation.

Mounting Sample Preparation

The aim of mounting is to handle small or odd shaped specimens and to protect fragile materials, thin layers or coating during preparation as well as to provide good edge retention. Mounting produces specimens with uniform size so that it is easier to handle in automatic holders for further preparation steps.

Metallurgical Microscope

Qualitest offers an attractive range of top quality portable as well as table-top inverted Metallurgical Microscopes to complement metallography labs.

Portable Metallurgical Microscope – Metallograph

Portable Metallurgical Microscope SM 500 is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope ideally used for metallographical inspection of metals in laboratory or in-site.