Micro CNC Milling Machine - M4
CNC Sample Preparation Milling Machine - M4
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Micro CNC Sample Preparation Milling Machine - M4 is a High performance small CNC milling Machine suitable for metal processing factories, research and development laboratory, and universities.


  • High performance 4 axis milling CNC controller.
  • The standard spec includes electronic hand wheel.
  • Selection of high -quality casting materials, more compact.
  • X, Y, Z, A four axis micron level interpolation accuracy controlling;
  • USB/U dis/RS232COM etc. many kinds of communication mode, to help users achieve different data transmission and software upgrades easily.
  • Network interface, supporting for remote monitoring and DNC file transfer processing
  • Perfect self-diagnosis function, internal and external status real-time display, alarm immediately when abnormal.
  • Macro variable, macro definition programming, realizing a variety of logical relations. Support macro program with parameters, convenient to the user programming
  • DXF+G code template function, converting DXF automatically to G code for processing.
  • With the automatic aligning instrument.
  • Teaching function: Teaching+ simplified instruction programming, teaching methods in table format that is simple and intuitive.
  • Graphic simulation function: show the graphics of the processing program and the tool path of the actual operation, tool path simulation processing without controlling the operation of the machine, to exam if the preparation process is correct.
  • Multi interface selection: support multi language interface display, automatic fault alarm. Processing information display, processing time, the number.
  • Parameter tabular: Input / output address number setting, only need to fill in the corresponding value in the configuration table.
  • 7 inch super large colorful (800*480) LCD screen.

Technical parameters

X axis travel 210mm
Y axis travel 95mm
Z axis travel 200mm
Tool DIA. range 2-12mm
Control system Adtech 4640 CNC controller
Instruction DXF+G code template function, converting DXF automatically to G code for processing
MPG hand wheel 4 axis
Spindle motor 1.5kw
Spindle speed 24000r/min
The max moving speed 1200mm/min
The max feeding speed 500mm/min
Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
Repeatability accuracy 0.02mm
Transmission ball screw
Table size 390*92mm
T slot (amount*width) 38*12mm
Max. load 30kg
Table structure Full cast iron
Power 220VAC / 110VAC
Weight(NW/GW) 140/160kg
Overall dimension 845*580*850mm
Packing size 930*650*1100m


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