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Testronic Resonant Fatigue Testing Machine - Mid Capacity Fatigue Tester
Testronic Resonant Fatigue Testing Machine - Connecting Rod

Testronic Resonant Fatigue Testing Machine - Mid Capacity Fatigue Tester

Mid-Capacity version, for low load range 50-250 kN

Successful machine concept, based on the latest technologies in mechanics & electronics. Testronic Fatigue Testing Machine is subdivided into a separate static and dynamic part and allows to run any combination of stress ratio. Testronic fulfills a number of new and advanced testing requirements for new materials and components.

Fatigue testing machine for Mid loads with electromagnetic resonance drive

Resonant fatigue testing machines can stress specimens or structures with a dynamic load superimposed to a static load.

The dynamic load is generated by an oscillating system (resonator) which runs in its natural frequency. The oscillating system consists of masses and springs whereas the structure or the specimen which has to be tested is also part of.

The Resonant Fatigue Testing Machines get used to full resonance, i.e. the operating point is situated on the top of the resonance curve. The resonator is excited by an electromagnetic system.

Taking advantage of the resonant effect, the power consumption is very low (typical 20 to 500 Watts), with the operating frequency in the range of 50 to 300 cpm.

In combination with our Control and evaluation system and software, you can have an intelligent and easy to operate package for your fatigue testing requirements.

Technical data:

  • Loads: 50/ 100/ 150/ 250kN
  • Dynamic stroke/displacement: up to 6mm
  • Static Stroke/displacement: up to 600mm
  • Test frequencies: 40 - 300 Hz
  • Power consumption magnet: <500 Watt
  • Electromagnetic resonance drive


  • Low energy consumption due to resonance drive
  • Mid test frequencies, short test durations
  • No additional devices (hydraulics, cooling, etc.) required
  • Independent drive by magnetic interferric space
  • Maintenance-free system


Resonant Fatigue Tester Machines are very often used for fatigue tests (S/N - curves) or in the fracture mechanics for precracking and crack propagation tests. This principle has many advantages compared to servo-hydraulic machines.

All types of tests with a Mid number of load cycles are beneficial applications for resonant testing machines because of the Mid testing frequency, and as a result very short testing time as well as very low power consumption.

The additional advantage in comparison to servo-hydraulic systems with its actuators, valves and pumps is that maintenance is not required due to the wear resisting construction.

  • Fatigue tests (S/N-curves) in R&D and quality control
  • Fatigue crack growth investigations (fracture mechanics)
  • ΔK-Threshold determinations (fracture mechanics)
  • precracking of fracture mechanic specimens
  • blocked random tests

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