Mini CNC Sample Preparation Lathe
Mini CNC Sample Preparation Lathe
Mini CNC Sample Preparation Lathe


QualiLathe-210 – CNC Sample Preparation Lathe Machine is designed for sample preparation for various metals and non-metals. The motion control is based on computer numerical controlled technology and the machine is interfaced with computer. This makes the Lathe Machine more versatile in the sense that, suppose a change in dimension of a part is required. In a NC machine, users would have had to change the program in the tape and then feed it to the machine again. But in a CNC machine, users just change a variable in the computer and the modification would be done.

The Turret head and the tail stock features in the lathe enable to operate the machine for various purposes. The in-build cover prevents the operator from dust and noise. The user friendly 7-inch color screen reduce the requirements for the operator. Emergency switches are provided to stop the machines in emergency. The case is made of high quality stainless steel, rust and corrosion resistance.


  • MPG hand wheel are included.
  • Machine made of high quality compact casting materials.
  • Automatic 4 position tool post with sink and nozzles.
  • Double-nut ball screw, bearings and couplings with high precision positioning, with automatic oil lubrication system, to enhance machine’s accuracy and life.
  • Auto power off when door open.
  • Advanced 2 axis step motor and high torque brushless motor.
  • USB and RS232 port, DNC function of USB.
  • Use G code for speed controlling.
  • Ideal choice for research and science institutes, laboratories or universities for CNC sample preparation.
  • High performance 2 axis CNC lathe controller with 7 inches user friendly color screen, optional Siemens 808D or GSK980TB3 CNC controller.
  • ARM 9 CPU + FPGA, Ethernet network interface, Support B macro function, PLC function, and multi-language library function.
  • Remote monitoring and DNC file transfer/process are available.
  • X and Z-axis drive by high precision servo motors. Machine runs both fast and stable.
  • Come with quadratic curve, elliptical and parabolic interpolation, groove processing cycle instructions and other functions. Front USB and RS232 interface, support USB drive file operation and software upgrades.

Technical Specifications



Max. Turning Diameter Over Bed


Chuck Diameter


Spindle Speed

100 - 1750r/min (control speed of G code)

Spindle Through-Hole


Spindle Mount


Spindle Motor Power


X Travel


Z Travel


Max. Moving Speed


Max. Feeding speed


Control System

Qualitest CNC System  

(optional Siemens 808D or GSK980TB3 CNC controller)


DXF+G code template function, converting DXF automatically to G code for processing

MPG Hand Wheel

4 axis

Tool Position


Tool Dimension

10 × 10mm

Tailstock Taper


Tailstock Sleeve Diameter


Travel of Tailstock


Positioning Accuracy


Repeatability Accuracy



110V AC (220V AC customizable)



Overall Dimensions

1000 × 580 × 680mm

Shipping Dimensions

1100 × 700 × 610mm

Standard Configurations

  • Cooling system
  • Electronic hand wheel
  • 3-Jaw chuck and key
  • Chuck anti-claw
  • Rolling center
  • Wrench tool
  • Machine hardware manual
  • CNC system programming manual
  • CNC system operating instructions
  • Tailstock chuck
  • 4-Jaw chuck (independent with flange)

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