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Minimum Film Formation Temperature Tester - MFFT

Standards: DIN 53787 - DIN 53 366 – ASTM D 2354 - ASTM D 1465 – ISO 2115 - ISO/DIS 4622

Gradient Tester for:

  • Minimum film forming temperature, white point/glass transition temperature of dispersion materials, synthetic resins, enamels ...
  • Blocking power and stacking capability of coated papers, foils, prints...

Test instrument with a ground hard-chrome plated metal plate as a measuring plate for depositing the specimens. By heating and cooling the measuring plate any variable temperature gradient within the range of -30°C to +250°C can be produced and kept constant for any given period.

The measuring plate is equipped with 20 temperature sensors. The temperature can be controlled by the integrated electronic temperature measuring instrument with a digital display and measuring-point selector over the entire range.

To determine the minimum film forming temperature "MFT" the specimens are applied to the measuring plate by a film coating appliance and protected from ambient air by a covering cap.

To determine the blocking power the specimens on the measuring plate are weighed by defined loads to simulate the stacking capability.

Technical Specifications of Minimum Film Formation Temperature Tester
Chromium-plated Measuring Plate
Measuring Length
500 mm
Chromium-plated Measuring Plate
Measuring Width
180 mm
Temperature Range -30°C to +250°C (with an external cryostat)
Temperature Display -9.9 up to 99.9°C:0.1°C
100 up to 250°C:1.0°C
Temperature Gradient Up to max. 100 °C
electronic temperature controller with digital temperature display and 20 test places
  • integrated pump with flow meter
  • openable acryl glas cover, max. temperature 80°C
  • integrated drying agent locker
  • RS-232 interface
Power 230 V, 50 Hz, 1,5 kW
Weight 50 Kg
Dimension 840 x 390 x 350 mm


Minimum Film Forming Temperature
50-030 Gradient Tester "Thermostair II" With air dryer, with integrated memberane pump, incl. cover cap, max. gradient 100°C digital temperature display 0.1°C

Cooling requires the connection of cryostatic temperature regulators.

50-013 "Thermostair Mini" Gradient tester, as 50-030, but with 10 temperature measurement sensors, incl. cooling machine for temperatures between -5°C and +80°C, digital temperature display 1°C, electronic temperature control, maximum gradient = 20°C, incl. acrylic glass covering cap.
50-101/6 Measuring plate with grooves Prevents low viscosity materials running. The measuring plate can be supplied with 1 to 6 grooves (cannot be retrofitted).
50-100 Overflow border Made of teflon, prevents drips during tests of low viscosity fluids (cannot be retrofitted).


Accessories for Minimum Film Formation Temperature Tester
50-047 Film coating appliance 300µm Wet film thickness 300 µm, 6 parallel strips, width 20mm each.
50-005 Film coating appliance 0 - 1000µm For applying a film, wet film thickness 0 - 1000µm, film width 75mm
50-037 Covering cap resistant to 250°C Stainless steel 4301, with window
50-032 Sieve plate For receiving drying agents when operating with cover 50-037.
Weights are required if the applience is to be used determining blocking and picking points  
50-043 Weight 25 x 100 mm 6.25 g/cm²
50-044 Weight 40 x 50 mm 20.00 g/cm²
50-045 Weight 40 x 50 mm 100.0 g/cm²
50-046 Weight 40 x 50 mm 150.00 g/cm²
50-031 Drying agent 1 kg

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