Motorized Wrap Reel

Motorized Wrap Reel

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Motorized Wrap Reel

Motorized Wrap Reel is used to wind yarn thread to a specified length, and then to test its strength of lea and quality. It can also be used for calculating the yarn count.

Technical Specification of Motorized Wrap Reel
Operation at the same time 5 threads
Speed 200 RPM
Circumference 1 M or 1.5 yard per 1 turn
Dimension 90 x 50 x 65 cm
Weight 60 kg

The circumference on the manual wrap reel is adjustable, this will not disarray the yarn thread and will prevent overlapping. When revolving, this instrument can reduce the counts and time of revolving. The counter is used to read the instant winding-revolution.

  • Operation at the same time, 4 threads
  • Counter: 0-9999 times, reads the revolutions directly
  • Circumference: Generally 1 M or 1.5 Yard per one turn, adjustable
Yarn Type
Cotton Yarn
Wool Tube FiberWool Pipe Fiber
Wool Twisting Fiber
Artificial Silk
Polyester Silk
Yarn Frame
1.5 Y (54")
1 M
1.125 M
Rotary Speed
200 ~300 RPM
120 ~ 180 RPM
100 ~ 120 RPM
120 RPM
200 RPM
Required Length
120 Y
100 M
450 M
Rotation Numbers

The length of Hank Yarn for testing Lea Strength of Twisted Twine

Single Yarn
Twist Yarn Length
21pcs and above
109.4 meters (120 yards) (80 circles)
11pcs - 20pcs
54.9 meters (60 yards) (40 circles)
4pcs - 10pcs
27.4 meters (30 yards) (20 circles)
Less than 3pcs
13.7 meters (15 yards) (10 circles)
1/8 LEA

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