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NBS Abrader - Abrasion Tester

Our NBS Abrasion tester consists of a 6" diameter drum turning at 45 RPM. The unit has three test stations with dial micrometer readout. Test weights and cycle counter are also included. The unit runs on 220V or optionally 115V, 35 PSI air and weighs 104 kg.

The NBS Abrader - Abrasion Tester is designed for determining the resistance of rubber or other compounds, and sole and heel materials not less than 2.54mm to abrasion. This machine has memory function so that users can set the number of tests themselves, and it will keep the current records unchanged even if power failure or stop can be connected to a vacuum cleaner for your convenience of cleaning.

  • Inspection of quality products
  • In-process checks to ensure on-spec product for converting operations
  • Quality-control reporting
  • Widely used in the automotive and rubber industry
Technical Specifications for NBS Abrader - Abrasion Tester
Drum Speed 45 +/- 5 rpm
Downward force of mass 22 N (5 lbf) / 3 sets
Required air pressure 35 psi
Power requirements available in both 115V / 60Hz and 220V / 50Hz (Please specify when ordering)
Grinding paper #40 grit
Counter LCD, 0-99,999,999
Roller Diameter 150mm
Dimensions 28 x 31.5 x 24.4 in.
Weight 80 kg


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