NDT Concrete Strength Testers

This category of products comprises the range of instruments utilized to evaluate construction material strength. The range of instruments is typically considered to be two parts. The first are non-destructive field tests of compressive strength. The second are tensile field tester systems to either determine the tensile strength of an overlay or bond material, or tensile strength of anchors embedded in the concrete. The first group is pure Non-Destructive Testing where the strength of the material is determined by correlation to another parameter more easily available and readily apparent. This is typically the hardness of the concrete or the resistance to penetration by either a pin or probe. The Windsor Probe, Windsor Pin and our line of Rebound Hammers all fall within this category. These are widely used standard tests and as such have seen use throughout the world.

The second set of instruments is our concrete tensile testers. These have been optimized to both test the strength of the anchors and repair overlay material. They can be used to test until failure or to simply verify that the material will not be affected by a specific amount of force. A number of considerations were taken into account when designing this line of products, include viscous damping of the resultant failure backlash, portability, and ruggedness.

If you are looking for High capacity Compression Machines for Concrete Cylinders and Cubes, please CLICK HERE. The line of products represents the most effective and efficient way to evaluate construction material strength in the field and utilize the latest in technology in order to guarantee accurate results.

We supply a wide range of non-destructive test equipment for concrete and other coarse grained materials. Our instruments measure and analyze strength, and structure, and are rugged, quality equipment for field use, backed by factory service and an ongoing program of research and development. All instruments are NIST traceable and conform to the corresponding ASTM standards.

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Available Products

Load Verification Testing Systems

Portable Tension Testers are used for testing the crucial holding force of anchors and fixings in construction materials.

Windsor HP Probe - ASTM C-803

The Windsor HP Probe system rapidly and accurately determines the concrete compressive strength of a structure by driving a probe into the concrete with a known amount of force. 

Windsor Pin System- ASTM C-803

The Windsor Pin System is a unique instrument for measuring the strength of new or existing construction materials in situ utilizing the established principle of resistance to penetration.

Concrete Rebound Hammer

Digital and manual Concrete Rebound Hammers are used for quick and easy determination of the compressive strength of hardened concrete.

James Bond Tester - Pull off Adhesion Tester

The James Bond Tester - Pull off Adhesion Tester measures the adhesion of coatings to concrete and metals.