Qualitest offers an attractive range of top quality portable as well as table-top inverted Metallurgical Microscopes to complement metallography labs. Our portable range offered in both optical as well as digital configurations provide ultimate flexibility for in-situ analysis of your large samples in the field. The options of advanced image analysis software and camera systems, all offered at reasonable prices, provides optimum value, quality and choice for our customers.

The Qualitest’s Inverted Metallurgical Microscope the Metallograph XJP-6A consists of a Modern design, inverted metallographic bench microscope for measuring and viewing surfaces and studying materials, equipped with a polarised light set for crystallographic analysis.

For complete specifications of the XJP-6A and to view more Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes, please click here: http://www.worldoftest.com/metalloscope.htm.

Qualitest offers a wide variety of testing equipment for the metal industry. Our complete testing portfolio is available at: www.WorldofTest.com/metal.htm and features: Universal Testing Machines for Tensile/Compression/Bending applications, Durometers, Pendulum Impact Testers, Hardness Testers, Drop weight Tear Testers, Resonant Fatigue Testing Machines, Atomic absorption Spectrometers, Profile projectors. Thickness Gauges and many more.

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