As part of our philosophy to offer Material Testing Equipments with Highest Quality and performance, Qualitest introduces a wide range of Visual Inspection and Automatic sorting Machines to the rubber industry. Strict Quality control requirements and technology evolution has driven Qualitest to come up with machines designed with artificial vision for visual inspection of physical features like dimension, aspect, form and composition. Qualitest offers cost and time reducing machines which guarantee high efficiency and reliable certification of production batches in gasket and sealing, screws and bolts manufacturing industry.

The artificial vision system includes a camera which acts as an eye and an image processor which is the brain. The processor is always connected with software. An interface is provided between the image and the set of parameter/ control tolerances.

The new line of RVIM machines utilize laser measuring system and are commonly used to check the dimensional aspects of regular and irregular shaped rubber products. Qualitest also offers machines that can check both the sides of the specimen for scratch, tears, porosity , non circularity, concentricity , Lack of material, scratches on closing line , flow lines etc. These machines can also segregate specimens based on color. The machines are capable of inspecting up to 54,000 pieces per hour. The Densimetro from Qualitest allows measuring the density of solid bodies in elastomeric material.

The machines can be monitored from remote positions and it provides the customer with detail documentation for analysis. The products that can be checked with these machines include rubber, Teflon, metal, metal-rubber and plastic gaskets, asymmetric or technical particulars of various forms, washers, nuts, screws, nails, bolts, elastic rings (Seeger), buttons, filters, etc. In this field creativity and necessities have no limits, but machines for production controls work essentially on small pieces of different materials. These machines replace man's work when it is more difficult (handling of small parts) or more exhausting (for the human sight to check reduced sizes). For more details please visit

Qualitest offers a wide variety of testing equipment for the rubber and plastics industry. Our complete testing portfolio is available at and features: Universal Testing Machines for Tensile/Compression/Bending applications, Shore & IRHD Hardness Testers, Rebound Resilience, Vertical Rebound Testers, Abrasion testers, Rheometers, Viscometers, Brittleness Temperature Tester, Salt Spray testers, Aging Ovens and many more.

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