To ensure that fresh concrete has the properties necessary to be long-lasting and durable, it must be tested at various loads to determine its relative yield-stress and viscosity. By establishing these qualities of the concrete mixture, rheometers help companies regulate the quality of concrete on-site during construction, setting the standards high to keep concrete robust and resilient.

Qualitest’s BT2 concrete rheometer is compact, easy to use, and powerful. Other rheometers can’t compare, as they can only measure the shear stress of concrete at various speeds. This means that the machine’s probe must rotate several times in the test container, which takes time and risks damaging the testing material. To overcome this issue, Qualitest’s BT2 concrete rheometer performs a test that measures samples at three speeds simultaneously. One revolution is enough to gather all of the information you need.

The unique design of the BT2 concrete rheometer prevents structural breakdown and segregation during measuring, efficiently providing results without damaging the sample.

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Concrete Rheometer BT2