When testing samples in manufacturing plants and laboratory environments, companies strive to prepare materials without distorting their physical properties. Without proper preparation, samples can incur damage such as tool marks, incipient cracks, induced stresses, and internal deformation.

Companies rely on Qualitest to ensure that their testing equipment performs to its highest capability. Qualitest’s SpeciCut III CNC sample preparation machine is cost effective and can adjust the orientation of samples up to three axes. Even with the ability for such intricate sample positioning, the SpeciCut III is easy to program, with a control system that supports versatile file formats such as NC (G-code), PLT, and DXF.

With a real-time tool path that allows 3D viewing for a closer examination of the sample, Qualitest’s SpeciCut III sample preparation machine is a top-of-the-line solution for any company preparing complex samples for a diverse range of industries.

To learn more about our SpeciCut III, please visit www.WorldofTest.com/sample-specimen-preparation-equipment or call 1.877.884.8378 to speak with our team of engineers.

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CNC Sample Preparation Machine - SpeciCut III