ASTM E4, EN-ISO 7500/1 Compliant

The 1000kN Universal Testing Machine- Q1000 by Qualitest is fully equipped with many advanced technical features, state-of-the-art design and high quality of production to meet the highest demands for quality control and R&D material testing in the fields of metals, plastic, textiles, cement & concrete and more.

The Q1000 Series Universal Testing Machine ranges are designed for quick and reliable tensile, compression, flexural (bending), shear, peel, fatigue cycling, and constant load tests on metals, composites, alloys, rigid plastics and films, elastomers, textiles, paper, board and finished products.

Programming the test and monitoring the results can be controlled and performed through the powerful and intelligent GraphWork5 test software which allows complete and accurate data management according to North American, European and International test standards.

This instrument is suitable to be used in both production lines, where the operator has to be fast and efficient, and accurately control the test, as well as in testing lab environments, where using the advanced software, the users can analyze the test data, and have full control on processing, filing, management and transmitting the test data to the company network and database, plus using many more functions.

Features of the Universal testing machine - Q1000

  • 1000kN (225,000 lbf) Universal testing machine for static, tensile, compression, bending and flexure tests
  • Main structure composed of four ball screws covered by aluminium columns
  • Electro-Mechanical Design
  • Synchronous belt transmission and high rigidity
  • Graph work 5.0 test software
  • Stylish Design with many advanced features
  • Flexible and Modular Design for Easy Expansion in the Future
  • Extremely high resolution of load and stroke readings
  • Manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified facility
  • Excellent Price/Quality Ratio

Specifications for the Universal testing machine - Q1000

  • Frame Capacity 1,000kN
  • Load Reading Resolution 1/200.000 f.s. 
  • Standards meet or exceed ASTM E4,EN-ISO 7500/1
  • For more specifications:

Qualitest offers a wide capacity range of universal testing machines to meet all requirements from table-top, to floor standing universal testing machines. In addition, extensive portfolio of grips/fixtures, load cells, extensometers, and many other accessories. Supported by excellent service and training For detailed specifications and more information on the Q1000 Universal Testing Machine (UTM) and other models, please visit us at: or call us toll free at 1.877.884.TEST(8378).

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