Digital force gauges are used in many different industries for tension and compression measurement. Qualitest supplies state of the art digital force gauges that can be used from the most basic to the most advanced applications.

Our range of Digital Force Gauges range from the Series 2 model for basic tension and compression force testing to the Professional Series 7 range for advanced applications. The gauges can be used in a handheld mode or with a test stand and cover a range of force from 100 lbF to 500 lbF. The top of the range model has an industry leading sampling rate of 14000 Hz. Outputs are available in USB, RS232, Mitutoyo and analogue and a one-click export to Excel ensures fast access to data in PC format. There can be from 3 to 5 selectable units of measure depending on which gauge is being used.

Integrated set points with indicators make our range of Digital Force Gauges ideal for pass fail testing. From the basic to the advanced series, they guarantee repeatable performance and output in the desired format to enable a wide variety of tension and compression testing for any industry and application.

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Digital Force Gauges Series 7