When companies use pipes in their operations, such as transporting natural resources through pipes, it is important that the pipes are tested for quality control to guarantee that they function seamlessly. Qualitest is a top global source for testing solutions to ensure that pipes have the proper integrity and durability for their real world application.

Qualitest’s Pipe Opacity Tester is used to determine the opacity of pipes and fittings. With the ability to test a wide range of pipes, with diameters between Ø20mm – Ø63mm, the Pipe Opacity Tester is an ideal device for manufacturers, research labs, and inspection institutions. Its highly accurate luminous flux collection device provides accurate measurement and stable results, and its specimen chambers functions automatically, increasing test efficiency.

With automatic calibration, a three-point measurement system, and a full color touchscreen, Qualitest’s Pipe Opacity Tester is the most effective device on the market for testing pipes. It not only increases operational safety but also provides a valuable instrument for analyzing the quality of pipes — an essential tool for determining the opacity of pipes in a variety of industry roles.

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Pipe Opacity Tester