A gradient heat seal tester is used to determine the heat seal ability of various surfaces, sealant layers of film, laminates, composites, polymers etc. The heat seal strength is expressed as a function of temperature, time and pressure. Qualitest supplies a state of the art Gradient Heat Seal Tester – QT-GHS for heat seal testing that is compliant with ASTM F2029, QB/T 2358 and YBB 00122003.

Qualitest’s Gradient Heat Seal Tester is designed for uniform heating through aluminum encapsulated heating jaws, where the upper and lower jaws can be independently heated. Temperature is controlled by a P.I.D controller and proximity and pressure sensors ensure precise dwell time and sealing pressure control. The sealing jaws can be customized in terms of dimension, shape, and surface to order to facilitate testing of a wide variety of products.

The QT-GHS has the ability to measure five groups of sealing temperature with one test, which enables easy comparison between the results.

Qualitest’s Gradient Heat Seal Tester – QS-GHS is the ideal equipment for measuring the heat seal strength of a wide variety of different products using precise, state of the art technology.

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Gradient Heat Seal Tester - QT-GHS