Air Permeability Tester for Cement

The QualiPERM Blaine Air Permeability Tester is the ideal instrument for measuring the fineness of the cement, which companies do to determine such qualities such as speed of setting and rate of strength development. The Tester works by applying air pressure through a sample under pre-defined conditions to simulate different industrial standards.

UCI - 3000D - Portable Universal Dynasonic Tester

Companies use several different methods for hardness testing, the most common being Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Leeb. However, there are disadvantages to each method: for Rockwell and Brinell, testing may lead to damage on the surface of a sample; for Vickers, only professional technicians are able to carry out tests smoothly; and for Leebs, the testing method is indirect, which may lead to a large deviation when converted to other scales.

Synchronous Thermal Analyzer - QT-STA100

To study the properties of materials as they change temperature, companies often use a thermal analyzer on product samples. There are many types of thermal analyzers, spanning different properties that can be measured as a sample undergoes various material changes.

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer - QualiX-G2

An x-ray fluorescence spectrometer is an instrument used for chemically analyzing rocks, minerals, and sediments. As such, it is a highly valuable tool in a number of industries, including precious metal and ornamental processing industries, as well as banks and shops that sell gold and other ornamental metals.

Optical Sorting Machine

A production line in a manufacturing facility is an extremely hectic, demanding place. There are many small objects and pieces of equipment that must be kept managed and organized to ensure that operations run smoothly and that tools remain close at hand.

Frazier 2000 Differential Pressure Air Permeability Tester

Qualitest’s Frazier Air Permeability Tester enables companies to measure the air permeability of a wide range of products including textile materials, paper, air and water filters, foam, and metal screens. These machines use a calibrated venturi nozzle testing method, combined with a wide differential pressure range, to achieve reliable and repeatable testing.

Table-top Reversed Metallurgical Microscope

To study metals, laboratory technicians must measure and view the surfaces of material samples using a metallurgical microscope. For capturing such surface images and video, technicians turn to the metallograph.

Qualitest is pleased to introduce the XJP-6A Advanced Inverted Metallurgical Microscope - Metallograph, a table-top reversed model featuring a rotatable precision quadruple nosepiece. Equipped with a polarized light set and halogen 6V20W illumination, the XJP-6A allows for clear crystallographic analysis.

Charpy Specimen Machine – CNM

To determine the notch toughness of steel products, laboratory technicians conduct Charpy impact tests. These tests create V and U notches in a material sample to gauge how much energy it absorbs when fractured.

Metallography Polisher - QualiPol-Auto - Automatic Polishing Machine

Polishing metals for industrial applications is about more than just appearance: this process is necessary to prevent corrosion and oxidation of metal products, which improves their lifespan and durability. Metallography polishers are sophisticated machines that are used to polish metal samples in order to establish standards that can be applied on an industrial scale.

Leeb Portable Rebound Hardness Tester - QualiTip - Portable Hardness Tester

Qualitest provides many companies with its state-of-the-art hardness testers, but none are as portable and convenient as our Leeb Portable Rebound Hardness Tester, known as the QualiTip. This hardness tester is specialized to enable examination of large and heavy objects on production lines of mass-produced components, and in restricted spaces that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Vicat Needle Apparatus - QualiSET

The Vicat test is used by industry for testing materials that have no real melting points, such as cement and mortar. The Vicat test is conducted by measuring the temperature at which a flat-ended needle is able to penetrate the sample, which is known as the “softening point” of the material.

Spectroscopy Instruments

Qualitest’s Spectrophotometer is an instrument that accurately measures the amount of light that passes through a material. By customizing the wavelength of the light emitted by the Spectrophotometer, operators in both industry and laboratory environments can use this instrument to determine the exact concentration of certain chemicals in material samples.

Portable Surface Roughness Tester - QualiSurf I

Surface texture tests are essential for manufacturers to determine how a product or material will interact with its environment. Certain degrees of roughness can be both a positive and negative feature for a material: it can be used to facilitate adhesion in certain applications, but roughness can also instigate cracks or corrosion.

TR Tester - ET-01

Qualitest has devised an innovative way to combine several of its Low Temperature testers into a single, multi-purpose system for testing rubber materials. This Low Temperature system is incredibly easy to use and is extremely safe, as no lifting is necessary when switching from one testing method to another.

Slab Tester – Freeze Thaw Tester

Universities around the world often need to simulate intense environmental conditions in their laboratories, which allows them to test materials that will be used in the construction of crucial infrastructure. To create the ideal conditions for testing, Qualitest’s Slab tester has the capacity to either freeze or thaw specimens (at temperatures up to -32°C and +40°C) to determine how different temperatures and conditions affect a material’s long-term durability.