Cold Bend Testing Machine QualiBend II

When developing infrastructure for extreme climates, the manufacturing and construction industries need the most dependable building m aterials. To examine the durability of these materials at low temperatures, the QualiBend II is specifically designed to test the performance of reinforced rolling steel bars, steel building reinforcements, and steel pipes under severe conditions.

CNC Sample Preparation Machine - SpeciCut III

When testing samples in manufacturing plants and laboratory environments, companies strive to prepare materials without distorting their physical properties. Without proper preparation, samples can incur damage such as tool marks, incipient cracks, induced stresses, and internal deformation.

Universal Hardness Tester - Qness 250/750/3000 Series

To determine the durability of metal components, companies must test product samples by indenting them with a hardness tester, which determines the material’s ability to resist deformation under many different conditions. To ensure that metal materials have the reliability and sturdiness to last, Qualitest offers its Qness series of hardness testers to analyze all sizes of samples, even in inaccessible positions.

Pipescan - MFL Corrosion Detection Pipe Scanner

When companies use long stretches of pipe to transport natural resources across land, it is important that they proactively analyze the quality of their pipes to protect leaks in advance.

OES Optical Emission Spectrometer – QualiSpark 5000 Plus

To determine the specific elemental constituents of an alloy, companies perform Optical Emission Spectroscopy, heating the surface of the test material until it emits light. The spectrum of light is then collected for analysis, revealing the presence of specific elements by their characteristic wavelengths, and then the testing apparatus calculates the ratio of the element to the rest of the alloy.

Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes

In both industrial and residential settings, plastic water pipes often fluctuate between temperatures due to seasonal change and other environmental concerns, which can cause them to burst. To protect valuable infrastructure against such accidents, these products must be carefully crafted through stringent testing in order to guarantee durability in many different scenarios.

Stress Relaxation Tester - EB-02

Many plastics, rubbers, and metals used in a wide range of equipment and components are subjected to constant strain. If these materials are to perform over long periods of time, companies need to ensure that they are of the highest quality.Qualitest’s EB-02 Stress Relaxation Tester is able to take continuous stress relaxation measurements resulting from both compression and tension.

DeMattia Flexing Fatigue Tester

Flex testers are essential for helping companies assess the durability of both hard and soft rubber components, such as vulcanized rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate. Qualitest is pleased to offer its top-of-the-line DeMattia Flex Testers that extend and bend samples in an environmental chamber to determine whether materials are strong enough to resist cracking.

Q-Impact 50 High Performance Charpy/ Izod Impact Tester

It is important that structures and industrial equipment are constructed with the highest quality materials that can withstand impact and resist breakage under extreme conditions. Qualitest's Bestselling Q-Impact 50 is an industry go-to for the testing of plastics and polymers used in industrial products across a wide range of sectors, for product development and research by labs and manufacturers.

Automatic Motorized Durometer

Rubbers and plastics are used in a staggeringly large range of manufactured products, and if they are to perform to their highest potential, they must be of the best quality possible. Qualitest is helping to automate the testing process for these materials, offering efficient testing solutions to companies around the world.

DIN Abrasion Tester

In order to meet customers’ expectations, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers must all provide products that function effectively while maintaining an untarnished appearance, even after being owned for a long period of time. This is why it is essential to be able to predict the ability of a product to resist damage caused by abrasion that occurs on a day-to-day basis.

Concrete Rheometer BT2

To ensure that fresh concrete has the properties necessary to be long-lasting and durable, it must be tested at various loads to determine its relative yield-stress and viscosity. By establishing these qualities of the concrete mixture, rheometers help companies regulate the quality of concrete on-site during construction, setting the standards high to keep concrete robust and resilient.

QV-1000DAT Micro Hardness Tester - Digital with Auto Turret (motorized)

Across a wide range of industries, it is necessary to establish the durability and longevity of metals used for small components as well as thin plastics, metallic foils, and various coatings. The Micro Vickers Hardness Tester is a precision instrument used to test these delicate samples, with the capacity to measure the effects of heat treatment on materials.

Moving Die Rheometers

High-quality rubber products are required for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Rubber mixers who supply manufacturers with the raw material used in their processes and products need affordable testing options that meet strict industry standards.

QualiMag-DR - Digital Magnetic Rockwell Hardness Tester

It is important that the metal we rely upon is strong enough to withstand heavy use. In order to create durable, long-lasting infrastructure, steel parts in industrial applications – including piping, welded joints, and steel plating – must be able to endure extreme conditions. Magnetic hardness testers allow companies to test the hardness of samples without damaging the metal, ensuring that it meets strict industry standards.