Metallography Polisher - QualiPol-Auto - Automatic Polishing Machine

QualiPol series for a practical and economic auto polishing machine for Metallography laboratories

Metal polishing is about more than just appearance: this process is necessary to prevent the corrosion and oxidation of metal products, improving their lifespan and durability. Metallography polishers are sophisticated machines that are used to polish metal samples in order to establish standards that can be applied on an industrial scale.

Single Angle Gloss Meters - Micro-Gloss

QualiGloss series for gloss measurement

Gloss is a measure of the proportion of light that reflects from a surface: a mirror has high gloss, supplying enough light to accurately display an object, whereas surfaces such as chalk have less gloss because the light is diffused. In many manufacturing and craft industries throughout the world, gloss meters provide a quantifiable way of measuring the gloss intensity of products and components.

Cold Bend Testing Machine QualiBend II

Cold Bend Testing Machine for Steel Reinforcement Bars, Rebars, ASTM A615 – QualiBend II

Oxygen Nitrogen & Hydrogen Analyzer - QualiONHA-3000

Oxygen & Nitrogen Analyzer from QualiTest

In major sectors such as the steel and new materials industries, manufacturers and researchers have an increasing need to easily and accurately determine the oxygen and nitrogen content of a wide range of substances. Whether for a laboratory-created material or for something newly discovered in nature, analyzing equipment promotes advances in these fields by measuring the amount of oxygen and nitrogen in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rare earth materials, and other alloys and inorganic materials.

Creep and Stress Rupture Tester - QualiCreep Series

Creep testing is an essential technique for determining how materials change shape under long-term exposure to high levels of stress and temperature. This deformation can become so extreme that a component can no longer function properly – for instance, creep within a jet engine could cause the blades to contact the engine casing, resulting in dangerous and costly damage.

Drop Dart Impact Tester - ASTM D1709

DX-8000 Series Dart Impact Tester from QualiTest

Qualitest offers the Dart Impact Tester DX-8000 Series, a simple to use stand-alone, non-instrumented tester, for measuring impact resistance of film, sheet, and laminated materials. The Drop Dart Impact Tester meets ASTM 01709 methods A & B standard test method for free falling dart impact testing of plastic films.

OES Optical Emission Spectrometer – QualiSpark 5000

OES QualiSpark Series

Optical Emission Spectroscopy is the best technique for determining the specific elemental constituents of an alloy, as it has the capacity to show the exact percentage of each element present in the test sample. This technique is widely used by universities, research institutes, and metal processing industries for accurate elemental analyses of various metals, as well as in manufacturing applications such as metallurgy and casting.

Hot Set Tester

EB-16II Hot Set Tester from QualiTest

Specific Gravity Tester - Densimeter

Densimeter / Specific Gravity Testers – MDS-300 & MDS-3000 from QualiTest

TSY-W2 Infrared Detection Method Water Vapor Permeability Tester – Permeation Instrument

Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester

ISO 15106-3, DIN 53122-2, YBB 00092003, GB/T 21529

Ball Rebound Tester for Foam Materials

Ball Rebound Tester for Foam Materials

D 3574

The microcomputer controlled Ball Rebound Tester is designed for the determination of the rebound elasticity of foam materials according to ASTM D 3574 and DIN EN ISO 8307.

IRHD Micro Hardness Tester III

IRHD Micro Hardness Tester III

DIN ISO 48, NF T 46-003, ASTM D 1415, BS 903, Part. A26

The 3rd series of this popular IRHD Hardness Tester line has more convenient and user-friendly operation. Accurate IRHD Micro hardness measurement of soft elastomers such as O-rings, seals and gaskets, with thickness down to 0.6mm, is guaranteed.

Drop Weight Impact Tester

Falling Weight Impact Tester Model 300C

ISO 3127, EN744, EN1411

The new Falling Weight Impact Tester Model 300 is used to perform impact tests on plastic pipes, conforming to ISO 3127, EN744 and EN1411. Test pieces are subjected to blows from a falling striker, of specified mass and shape, dropped from a known height onto specified positions around the circumference of the test piece. The true impact rate of the batch, or production run from an extruder, is estimated.

OES Optical Emission Spectrometer – QualiSpark 5000

The RT-OIL spectrometer by Qualitest can be used in correlation with both ASTM norms and DoD JOAP for oil conditions monitoring and failure prevention procedure.

Water Penetration Tester - Hydrostatic Pressure Tester - Suter Tester

In compliance with AATCC 127-1989 CNS-10460, 1479, 1481, JIS-L1079, L1092, K6550 testing methods.

Qualitest’s water penetration tester is in compliance with AATCC standards Water Penetration Testing (Hydrostatic Pressure Tester) is well designed and manufactured according to AATCC- 127-1989 (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists). The main function of these water penetration testers is to test the endurance of waterproof fabric, cloth or other material, as exposed to water.