Metallurgical Microscope

Qualitest offers an attractive range of top quality portable as well as table-top inverted Metallurgical Microscopes to complement metallography labs. Our portable range offered in both optical as well as digital configurations provide ultimate flexibility for in-situ analysis of your large samples in the field. The options of advanced image analysis software and camera systems, all offered at reasonable prices, provides optimum value, quality and choice for our customers.

CURACEM Curing Cabinet

Qualitest's Curacem curing cabinet is ideally used in commercial and on site laboratories for the standard curing of samples of concrete, cement and similar material in accordance with EN196-1 (cement) and EN 12390-2 ( concrete).

Universal Testing Machine | Universal Tensile Tester

ASTM E4, EN-ISO 7500/1 Compliant

The 1000kN Universal Testing Machine- Q1000 by Qualitest is fully equipped with many advanced technical features, state-of-the-art design and high quality of production to meet the highest demands for quality control and R&D material testing in the fields of metals, plastic, textiles, cement & concrete and more.

Mooney Viscometer

Qualitest introduces the Mooney Viscometer QT-MVR 3000 series. The Mooney Viscometer measures the change in a rubber and plastic elastomer properties over time, from uncured to scorched state. The specimen is physically deformed by a rotating platen which will determine changing viscosity at preset temperatures. When the test is completed, the dies will automatically reset and allow for removal of the specimen. With the PID temperature controller you can assure that smooth and accurate data will be taken throughout the test.

Coating Thickness Gauge - QCT-F1000

The new QCT-F1000 Coating Thickness Gauge is a uniquely cost-effective  product, suitable for tight budgets and strict requirements. Its wide measuring range and sensitive probe allow for accurate measurements that are on par with other, more expensive coating thickness testers.

The QCT-F1000 provides accurate and reliable measurements that are easily on par with higher-priced coating thickness testers. Its small size and light weight mean it is easy to bring around, and its cable-mounted probe allows the user convenient access to the sample being tested.

Gas Permeability Tester - VAC-V2 - Gas Permeability Tester Permeation Instrument

Qualitest introduces the new Gas Transmission Rate Tester for measuring the gas permeability rate of hollow packaging containers. The test gas may be air, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, etc., while the hollow packaging container includes Soda beverage bottle, fruit juice beverage bottle, edible oil can, tea beverage bottle, dairy packaging container, daily use chemicals packaging container, metal packaging container, etc. Hollow container gas transmission rate is the measurement of number of gas molecule that permeate from the container wall to the interior in unit time.

Triaxial System - Dynatriax System for Soil Analysis

Geotechnical Engineers adapt various methods of assessing the engineering properties of soils to design foundations, embankments and other soil structures. The New Dynamic Triaxial System from Qualitest, with latest technology and decades of experience in the dynamic soil testing field, ideal for commercial and research laboratories satisfies all the needs of these engineers.

Ultrasonic Hardness Tester - UCI 1000

Hardness testing is one of the most popular, reliable and yet diversified material testing methods. Most hardness testing is performed by using the Rockwell,Brinell or Vickers method When selecting the right method there are a number of criteria to be considered, test load, hardness scale, accuracy of results, adaptability to specimen shape, budget, portable or table top configuration are the most important.

Gas Permeability Tester - VAC-V1 - Gas Permeability Tester Automatic Gas

Qualitest a market leader in providing comprehensive solutions through material testing instruments, systems and accessories has extended its range of products for the measurement of gas permeability rate. The new Gas permeability tester VAC-V1 is ideally suitable to measure the gas permeability rate, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient at various temperatures for plastic films, laminated films, high barrier material sheets, foils and rubber, including breathable film and tire seal performance, etc.

Mortar, Cement and Fresh Concrete Rheometer, Viskomat XL

The Viskomat XL from Qualitest is a versatile rotational viscometer for determining the workability of building materials such as mortar, cement and fresh concrete (up to 8mm grain size). This new instrument is the outcome of our long experience with Rheometers for mortar and fresh concrete.

Capillary Rheometer - CR6000

Qualitest announces the release of a new line of Capillary Rheometer R6000 Series. This laboratory grade twin-bore capillary Rheometer saves testing time by allowing the user to get two results in one test cycle. The other key advantage of this new R 6000 series is that they can automatically calculate Bagley or other corrections, which translates into a true measure of absolute viscosity. This Twin bore unit is also useful in detecting slip-wall effects. High slip at the wall may result from lubricants, pigments, or other additives.

Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester

Qualitest presents the Impact 750 impact tester, which is a high performance pendulum impact tester that precisely determines the absorbed energy and resistance for the breakage of metallic specimen. The tester conforms to both ASTM and ISO standards. The innovative design allows this tester to be used for both Izod and Charpy test. The max capacity of this tester is 750J.

Automatic Brinell Microscope - QualiScope II - Advanced Automatic Brinell Measurement System

As part of our philosophy to offer Material Testing Equipments with Highest Quality and performance, Qualitest introduces a wide range of Visual Inspection and Automatic sorting Machines to the rubber industry. Strict Quality control requirements and technology evolution has driven Qualitest to come up with machines designed with artificial vision for visual inspection of physical features like dimension, aspect, form and composition.

Concrete Testing

Qualitest presents the New generation Automatic compression Tester -Pilot 4, which is an efficient solution to increase the Productivity while Saving consumption in concrete strength measurement. This new Automatic compression tester adopts new technologies and solutions gained from our long experience in this field

Portable Impact-Echo System (PIES)

Testing concrete has always been a problematic and cumbersome endeavor. Typical tests to determine concrete quality involve coring numerous samples in order to get suitable information through destructive compression testing.  Content and flaw detection generally performed by ground penetrating radar (GPR) and ultrasonic systems can typically penetrate no deeper than eight inches.  With the newly developed impact echo technology, concrete content determination is made accessible and efficient while dramatically reducing testing time.