Automatic Brinell Microscope - QualiScope II - Advanced Automatic Brinell Measurement System

Qualitest presents QualiScope II, the latest technology in handheld automatic brinell measurement systems. QualiScope II is designed to make your testing program faster and more accurate. It also improves quality control management - it automatically stores data and is network capable.

Fully Integrated Sheet and Strip Metal Testing Autogrid System Model 142-20

Qualitest presents the latest technology in automatic strain analysis and forming limit curve (FLC) determination. The system consists of a combination of a modern Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 142 and AutoGrid Vario automatic strain measuring system.

QualiEyes I Video Borescope

The QualiEyes line of borescopes features a high performance videoscope, QualiEyes I and a handy industrial fiberscope QualiEyes II. The QualiEyes borescope line meats or exceeds industry requirements and were developed with a strong focus on Qualitests market leading price/performance ratio goals.

Capillary Rheometer - CR6000

Qualitest announces the release of a new line of high pressure Capillary Rheometers specially designed to determine the flow behavior and viscosity of high polymers, polymers, thermoplastics and elastomers. This single bore instrument will provide reliable data and a unique data point range for QA and R&D purposes.

XRF Spectrometers and Metal Analyzers

The new QualiX-1000 Portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer takes hand-held analytical performance to a new level. QualiX-1000 combines an advanced Si-PIN detector with a powerful 40kV X-ray tube. The Si-PIN detectors are electronically refrigerated eliminating the need for liquid nitrogen and allows the instrument to be used at normal room temperatures without additional accessories or procedures. This cutting edge technology delivers fast and highly accurate measurements.

Rubber Process Analyzer - 9000

Qualitest presents the RPA 8000 Rubber Process Analyzer. The RPA 8000 is an advanced dynamic mechanical rheological test instrument designed to measure the properties of polymer and rubber compounds before, during and after the cure. The RPA 8000 features an impressive range in oscillation angle, oscillation frequency, torque and temperature.

HTD-4000 Heavy Duty Case Depth Hardness Tester

Qualitest introduces a new addition to our HTD family of non-destructive case depth hardness testers. The heavy duty HTD 4000 adds a new dimension to this innovative line of case depth hardness testers by allowing for case depths of up to 2.8mm to be measured by one single indentation.

Drop Weight Tear Tester - DWTT

The use of higher grade steels in oil and gas pipeline construction is creating the need for a new generation of specialist Impact Testers. Qualitest offer a range of Drop Weight Tear Testers (DWTT) for measuring the fracture characteristics of steel specimens according to API recommended practice 5L3, EN 10274, ASTM-E 436 and ‘Pellini’. Steel grades of X120 and specimens of up to 50mm can be accommodated.

Very robust construction stands up to the rigours of high energy testing to provide high reliability with a minimum of downtime

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester for Plastics Pipes

Qualitest presents the HPT series of Hydrostatic Pressure Testers. This new innovative Hydrostatic pressure tester features 3-10 individually controlled test stations, a fast processor and corresponding software that supports the automatic adjustment of the pressure for each individual test sample. The test parameters are set using a touch screen monitor, where the operator also can follow the actual test status.

DIN Abrasion Tester

Qualitest presents the DIN Abrasion tester, which is the original product developed in Germany and sold worldwide. The DIN Abrasion tester is designed to conform to the ASTM D5963 and IS0 4649 standards (ISO 4649 has replaced the DIN 53516 standard).